It seems that many witnesses simply dont care about facts?

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  • tor1500


    If one cared about facts they wouldn't be a JW... Most JW's have found a place of comfort...they fit...most have chose not to fit into the world...I say chose...because they are just like the people they talk's just that they don't admit so....most that work choose not to be with the other employees....just to stand out and look someone I know...she says, JW's like to be contrary...

    If they were honestly seeking the TRUTH, they wouldn't be there...they heard that they are coming back to earth....that's why they seem so peaceful....they ain't afraid of death...because they are coming back...that's a sense of comfort for anyone... because DEATH IS think you may never ever ever return...I confess, that's a scary thought, although, I wasn't around for ages....and I didn't know nothing about it...

    I'm a witness, so I see and hear what keeps them there...they appreciate the new understanding...of course they know it may change...many of them say, wow there have been so many changes...isn't wonderful to belong to God's org. and even though he uses imperfect people isn't is wonderful they can admit they made a mistake...that's what I love about the org...what other religion would do that ? You really can tell that this is Jehovah's there you have it folks...I'm on the inside....and this is why you can't wake them up...

    Now if you go to them with an observation....they say...wait on Jehovah....I was telling a sister that there is no reason for some of the older friends to have to worry how to get home from the meetings, with so many of us that have cars..told her a story....a older sister needed a ride home...she asked this couple, they said, oh, sorry, we got rid of their maybe at the time that was true...well fast forward...I was coming out of the meeting turned the corner to get my car...who do guess was getting into a car with others...yep, you guessed it the couple...

    Facts don't keep anyone in the's how the place they go makes them feel...many come for peace of mind because their home is kaos...some come for the company and a hug every once in a while, they may live many reasons why people stay places that don't tell the truth...

    Why am I still there...I love my congregation as messed up as they are...when they talk gloom and doom I try to tell them something positive...many say they suffer from depression...I said...we all do at times we are human...but when I begin to be depressed, I think of all the blessings I have...first, I'm so called depressed about....uh? just because I can....then I think that if I'm depressed at least I'm depressed in-doors....I can open my refrig, I can lay on my bed...I have heat and hot water...I have a job...TV, cable, cellphone...nice clothes...good health most of the I go on....How dare I look God in the face and be depressed...


  • EdenOne

    On my JC hearing, one of the 5 Elders (yes, there were 5!), actually the one who was presiding, turned to me, holding the Bible in the air: "I don't care what historians say. If history contradicts the Bible, I will believe the Bible". I told him, well that settles it, doesn't it - it's useless to continue this discussion with you.

  • Landy
    I think of all the blessings I have...first, I'm so called depressed about....uh? just because I can....then I think that if I'm depressed at least I'm depressed in-doors....I can open my refrig, I can lay on my bed...I have heat and hot water...I have a job...TV, cable, cellphone...nice clothes...good health most of the I go on....How dare I look God in the face and be depressed...

    So what are you saying? That being a JW is your penance for having a normal life?

    Rainbow_Troll9 hours ago

    Unless a JW can perspnally verify a given fact, it all comes down to a choice of who to believe: Jehovah or Satan?

    Umm, that is just sad, because the bible [that JWs say they follow more than anyone else] is filled with facts that are written down and are very easy to confirm that go completely against JW beliefs.

    Who to believe, Jehovah or Satan?! Give me a break.

  • tor1500

    Hi Landy,

    I'm only speaking for myself...I've never had to deal with chronic depression...what am saying is that some feel that being depressed makes points with God....we claim we serve a happy God yet, depressed...there are some who are folks that are and some that say it for show....some JW's just say it to sound religious....oh woe is me....I'm a Christian, woe is me...the world is a terrible place...and these same folks, have all the niceties of life...I have been to their homes and hear of their trips all around the world...not saying all are able to do this...but in my hall, most got it going on....depression for some is an act...some it's real...I'm not heartless, but I know a player when I see one...

    Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture....we that live in the USA are we take certain things that we have for a big screen TV...most folk will buy that before they buy groceries...most folks would pay their cable bill before their rent...The little gadgets we buy to make like a little easier we think everyone in the world has it....but we have all the comforts of home...& depressed...some of us are lonely, some of us are stuck with a spouse we no longer want to be with, some are stuck in a sexless marriage, some don't want to get married but they want to have sex, so they get married...some get married to the person they grew up in the congregation with because that's all they knew....and now they look up and don't even want to be with the person anymore...but being a JW, 'til death do them part...many are depressed because of the flip flops of doctrine and they do know about the ARC...

    So, I'm not doing no penance...I choose not to be depressed...and others can choose too...and some can't...I'm not negating that people don't suffer from depression, I've never met one of those, I've met the ones that when I bring out the positive, I've peeped their card...without pointing a finger....Once a sister said, she felt so guilty because when she comes home from work she is so tired and doesn't have time for her little one...Now here comes me..I say, I know what you mean...but both parents have to work now a days, just to stay afloat...but whatever time you do spend try to make it count...give it your all...even if it's 15 mins...then she says but I still feel guilty...I said, I hear, you, but how guilty would you feel when your child goes to the frig. and there isn't any food for them to eat, because you want to stay home with your now you don't have any money to buy guilty would you feel if your child got sick and you didn't have health insurance...and she couldn't be seen by the doctor...the sister then lowered her head and said, wow, you really put things in perspective...I never thought of that...I said of course not, your boss, never comes to work but she can afford you saw that, & got pulled in...You don't need to be around your child all the time and vise versa...then I said, now if you don't want to work no more. because you really want to full time ministry , just say that...

    Again, I'm not putting down being depressed but I'm saying to those who are pretending to be depressed to make points with won't witnesses say, God sees everything...


  • tor1500


    Also meant to say, because as witnesses we can't talk about anything negative towards the org, so that produces suppression which then turns into depression...many witnesses where depressed before, so now they come into an org. where you have to suppress your thoughts, and questions, so no wonder when you read this site and many others, most are depressed...maybe the org. don't attract folks who are well adjusted...


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Are you are poor, uneducated and maladjusted?

    If you can honestly answer these three questions in the affirmative; then you can win a free pass to join Jehovah’s Christian Witlesses!

    Indeed Tor, the org is a magnet for the nuttier members of our species and I should know having been one of them.

  • konceptual99

    They are not the only ones. I was speaking to a member of the Plymouth Brethren who basically said his faith in Jesus meant he didn't even need to listen to what the the world around him said about things. If it was different to what Jesus was telling him then it didn't matter.

  • tor1500

    @ Half Banana,

    Exactly...Ah, I don't think you are a nut, I've read your are far from it...but for real, most of them I talk first you think they are all right, then you spend time with them and oh boy, you see the real them...I find most of them have certain peculiarities...when going to a restaurant, they have no patience for waiting for the server (I know I know...other folks are like that too)...

    I'm a little out there myself and who isn't but my nuttiness is just having fun and joking...but they need meds...and most of them are on meds...they have to be....they have to suppress their thoughts about the org. when they see things that don't line up...You can become nutty too, if you let that suppression take you over....

    I don't spend too much time with them because whatever they have I don't want it...I have a nice personality so they try to hang around to drain me....but I've matured...nope...

    You are right, the org. attracts the under dogs and nuts, because if they went to other places of worship folks would shun them...mostly run them out....the org. is a place for nuts....birds of a feather flock together...many of the friends, suffer from stuff I never heard of....and they looked it up and know that folks never heard of it before....Most of the friends have emotional's a thought....when there were lepers and they were in the same place...because they had to be kept away from everyone else because they were contagious &(because they had something in common, something that can't be cured) it is with the witnesses...(birds of a feather flock together). So what I've learned so far in this life, whatever we can't cure we colonize it...


  • Vidiot

    stuckinarut2 - "It seems that many witnesses simply dont care about facts..."

    Some do.

    They usually end up here.

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