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  • Magnum

    I'm not so sure it is too long. They need to have it detailed and spelled out to them. Even if they don't read it, it could be said they were served. If there did turn out to be some kind of higher being who administers justice, they won't be able to claim ignorance.

    I was told I was supposed to read all their overly long shit for decades; hell, they can read this.

    There's some good info in this letter; I'm saving it for my personal records.

  • gavindlt

    Thanks Magnum. You have got the point of it! It’s irrelevant that they read it. It’s my notice to them and reclaiming my voice back!

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    My understanding is that the elders are trained to only skim the letter and find the part where it is stated that they no longer want to be a JW.

    That's why I never wrote a letter to the elders. I wrote one to my mom and dad instead. I think it made some points with my mom.

    Later, when I gave my personal testimony at my church, I had it video taped. I mailed a DVD to mom and dad.

    My dad wrote back that he took the dvd to the back yard and chopped it up with an ax.... true story. At least they can't accuse me of being "weak"; which is how most members who leave are described.

    It was important to me to defeat the WT on their own terms, theologically.


    Welcome to your freedom, take your time and enjoy 💗

  • gavindlt

    I sent it to every elder I know and all the people who I ever cared about in the organisation. Of course it doesn’t mean they read it because I would be considered a mentally diseased apostate.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Excellent OP! A real keeper. Hope many will be swayed to examine their faith in men.

  • cognitivedizzy

    Don't send your letter to Tony, he left

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