Is God a male?

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  • JH

    God in the bible is called our father. He is King of kings, Lord of lords. Jesus was a male. Adam was created first and was a male. Angels have male names.

    God, being a spirit is neither male or female, so why would he take the male status? Did someone invent God and make him male so that men could rule over women more easily?

  • drwtsn32
    Did someone invent God and make him male so that men could rule over women more easily?


    The bible really pushes the idea of male superiority.

  • teenyuck
    Did someone invent God and make him male so that men could rule over women more easily?

    Noooo....ya think?!

  • Vivamus

    Nah, God is female, only females can be as spiteful as to kill millions in order to get revenge....


    Dutch District Overbeer, wrapped in Blue Bubblegum

  • drwtsn32

    Actually Viv's right!! But her reason is a bit flawed. Everyone who has watched the documentary Dogma would know that God is Alanis Morissette.

  • CruithneLaLuna

    As to what gender God is, "I can't begin to knowin'," to quote (bleah, bleah!) Neil Diamond. I will, however, make the point that addressing the Divine as both Mother and Father works very well for me.

    If one chose to divide theology into two branches, theoretical and experiential, it could be said that I chose to experiment with the experiential branch, and when I began to fully include the Goddess as well as the God in my spirituality, it greatly enhanced my sense of relationship, even communion, with Divinity.

    I won't offer the recommendation, "try it, you'll like it" - what one chooses to do in such matters is a very personal decision - but I tried and liked (and am still liking) it.

    Cruithne La Luna

  • JT

    is this a trick question, of course god is a man --any short read of the holy book known as the bible proves this

    i just love when women try to give god a female tone, instead of simply saying--

    this whole concept is a bunch of BS put together by a group of men out to control women and get over

    just one look at the rules of testing women for giving away "COOCHIE" and NO test at all for women to test to see if he has been taking out his "Charlie Horse" when he shouldn't have is all one needs to know

    i mean come on, think about this women-

    you have given this man 5 ugly children that look like his side of the family, you work like a dog and he sits around in THE GATES OF THE CITY chewing the fat with other no good men-

    he comes home and you are tired and he got the nerve to ask you for some "Coochie" again tonight after 6 nights in a row, and you kindly tell him you are tired and need your rest-

    and what is the next thing out of this A$$Holes mouth- "Who you sleeping with?"

    you look at him as if he has been eating dog food, then he raises his voice accusing you of sleeping around and here you are tired as a dog and now you got to argue with this fool.

    next day he is still pissed off cause you didn't give him any "Coochie" so here you are getting ready to fix breakfast and head out to do your days chores and this fool says: [email protected] YOU COMING WITH ME

    and you are like man what are you talking about, so here you go being dragged down to the local temple , everyone is looking at you and now he publicly humilates you by accusing you of sleeping around-

    then this fool who is suppose to be representing god tell you to drink some concoction he mixed up from off the DAMN FLOOR, now you have spent all your life as a parent telling your kids not to eat off the floor and here you are a grown 42yr old being MADE TO EAT OFF THE FLOOR,

    AND SURE enough, the little potion don';t prove nothing, but that ain't the end, now you HAVE TO GO HOME AND GIVE HIM SOME AND HE MUST MAKE YOUR PREGNANT WITH A 6TH child that you cant afford or you have the strength to take care of


    and to think this is the same god that millions of women want to serve


    As Lady "C" says if anyone should question "god" is should be women who regardless of religion, christain, musluim, hindu, you name it, the female always get the DEVINE SHAFT

  • SYN

    Well put, JT. Like I always tell Christian women, you can't be selective about which parts of the Bible you believe in or don't.

    It's all or nothing ladies! So what's it gonna be?

  • Vivamus
    It's all or nothing ladies! So what's it gonna be?

    Give it to me baby, I want it all..

    Uhh, oh... you meant about the bible....


    And the world shall tremble in the wake of the Blue Bubblegum
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  • Hamas

    I always thought God is a DJ

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