Drunk woman threatened Jehovah's Witnesses with a claw hammer

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  • lastmanstanding

    Were these sisters going door to door with a contribution box?

    haha I can imagine a Witness propaganda cart with a cardboard box duct taped to it

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    That's not the fist time I've been mistaken for a lady; i have nice calves and my hogs have won prizes too!

  • smiddy3

    While it doesn`t excuse the behaviour of the woman concerned ,i just wonder if the 5 JW`s haven`t embellished the story to suit their agenda being a persecuted minority religion ?

    The woman was obviously very drunk ,so I doubt she would have clarity as to what actually happened .

    So that leaves 5 J.W`s to testify what actually happened ? The other guy who came on the scene later didn`t witness what went on beforehand he was a late comer to the situation .

    I wouldn`t put it past the J.W.`s to exaggerate the situation out of proportion to gain mileage out of what happened and put them in a good light for the media.

  • punkofnice
    smiddy3 - I just wonder if the 5 JW`s haven`t embellished the story to suit their agenda

    That's an interesting question. I expect the Jobots were happy that the 2 witness rule(TM) was used.

    Now they need to start looking at the crime within their fetid cult.

  • dozy

    I met a few lowlifes like this when I was on the ministry in some rough council estates - I remember a couple of times being physically threatened , though thankfully never attacked with a hammer! Dogs and feral teenagers were the worst problem.

    Once a drunk guy started ranting at us in a menacing way and my partner at the door stupidly started answering back and taking the guy on - I just pulled him away , scampered away from the door and told him in that kind of situation just get the hell away from the persons door as quickly as possible. Maybe if the JWs had done that rather than being "sympathetic" it might not have escalated ( though by the accounts one of the women was quite elderly). It can be quite scary sometimes - you never knew who was behind the door.

    Strangely enough , I actually preferred to work these areas rather than the posher middle / upper class areas. Overall people were more down to earth and friendly , you met some real characters , and it was always interesting , in various ways.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    She mentioned something about her son dying and her husband not giving her a Christmas present... I don't know, but I kind of got the impression her that her son died from WT doctrine and her JW husband won't acknowledge her during the holidays? If so, it would have been more than the Vodka that triggered her violent rage :S.

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