Did anone see the Mtv Music Awards tonight?

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    Arrrr ye scurvy eyed lads highjacked me thread .....

    The NwS Pirate

  • talesin

    well ... thanks, smack

    I'm on with that!!!


  • teejay
    Yeah Mista Tee... datz me lol

    Fellow Board Members, Please excuse my blatantly prejudiced opinion just this once. AMNESIAN, StinkyP, Nickey, Yrs2Long and who knows who else on this board (I know I'm forgetting some), but DAMN!!... IMO, there is nothing... and I mean NOTHING... in this world finer, sexier, more worth dyiin' for than an intelligent, strong-minded Black woman who is also all-too-easy to look at. Wars are fought, civilizations rise and fall, loaves of bread are stole, dogs are kicked, and hearts are broken over far lesser things... So many world-class women... so little time...

  • obiwan

    If you go to the thread titled "A Thread about nothing" you can see both kisses!

  • Nickey

    Watch yaself.... gonna make me get all rosey posey over here. lol Thank you for the compliments though. Much appreciated.

    As for the thread, for the sake of the hijack:

    I wasn't really "amazed" at the kiss. Madonna is known to do almost anything. She knows what get's the crowd going. The queen of controversy. Britney and Christina were just glad to be up there and would've licked her toes if need be. "Sex sells". I'm just glad Missy or one of those nasty puppets didn't get in on it.

  • happyout

    I often wonder, if I became an actress, would I have to kiss another woman?

    Now I have to wonder, if I become a famous singer will I have to kiss another woman? (since none of those women can act)


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