Want to read a surprising comment/complaint posted on my website about JW's encouraged not to have kids. Who would have thought!

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  • biblexaminer

    I have told this story to many. I will tell it again here.

    There was this JW couple who decided away back in the 50's that they would forgo having kids because "the end was so close".

    Time went by and, what with the birds and the bees and all, the sister got pregnant. Hey, it happens.

    Unfortunately, the sister lost the child. It was quite traumatic. And it had lasting effect.

    The sister was so affected, that the couple decided to have a child anyway. They endured the criticisms of others and the articles after articles condemning children.

    Along came Daddy's little girl.

    Well, I have to tell you, once you start with that, it's hard to stop, and not that they planned it, but along came a son.

    And I am so glad to be here.

  • biblexaminer

    And by the way, my Dad is now a Grampa, mom has been gone a decade, and who knows if Grampa might live to be a great Grampa

  • waton

    Around 1975 a soon to be Circuit overseer, said: " anyone trying to having children now is displaying a lack of faith" . I believe he died childless, and feel sorry for his wife's lost fulfillment.

  • tepidpoultry

    In 1987 Canada I heard the speaker say that "to bear children now was


    As I looked down on the stadium rink floor simply filled with

    baby carriages and strollers,

    I wondered about the childless men who came up with this,

    How dare they call these young parents, obediently gatherered there


    Takes gaul


  • steve2

    I remember an assembly speaker saying that our having children was NOT where the Great Increase was meant to come from.

    In the meantime, with the pool of "newly interested ones" in field service drying up and the bulk of the dwindling number of baptisms sourced from children whose JW parents dared to have offspring, JW organization belatedly realizes something the Mormon organization has long known:

    Your children are your "increase" and your "growth".

  • snowbird


    WT, of course.

  • Etude

    OK. So, I'm reading all these examples of the definitive view of Witlesses through time and it paints a good picture of the recurrent zeitgeist. "HAVE NO KIDS. HARMAGEDDON IS COMING!" At the same time, I can just picture the denials from the Organization that they never advocated such a thing. Lying bastards.


  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I never experienced this nonsense myself, but one of my cousins used to complain that she and her husband were relentlessly grilled by an elder in their congregation. He could be very intrusive, repeatedly asking if they were being "careful" (using birth control) to avoid any unpleasant surprises this close to the Endâ„¢.

    Anyway, life happens, and lo and behold, she gets pregnant. Once their precious daughter is born, this nosy old elder suddenly becomes the world's most enthusiastic "grandfather." I mean, in the best possible way. Nothing dark at all. He and his wife practically "adopted" her. If good li'l JW's believed in having god-parents, they would have jumped at the chance.

    This BS policy was one of the first things that made me question the Truth©. Other things that arose over time proved for a certainty that it is just another money-grubbing mind-control cult. Rutherford had one thing right: religion IS a snare and a racket!

  • jwleaks

    Imagine a loyal JW couple both 30 years of age deciding to have no children because "the end is so close" but put Watchtower's kingdom interests first.

    1938 - 2017 = 109 years (died and gone to heaven according to JW beliefs whereupon they learnt that all the teachings of the Watchtower were wrong and the end was not going to come anytime soon.)

    1974 - 2017 = 73 years (taken off the district work because of changes and sent out into the territory where he served as the cobe elder until 70 when he was removed because he was too old. They now live in a bungalow at the back of someone's house.)

    1987 - 2017 = 60 years (spent the past 25 years at bethel and then laid off with the downsizing. Too young for pension. No qualifications. No assets. No children.

  • LongHairGal


    I'm glad you're here and that your parents disregarded the unwanted and unnatural advice of this religion. If this is not proof positive that this is a high-control religion, I don't know what is.

    Imagine? Telling married people to abstain from sexual intercourse. I hate these unnatural meddling bastards.

    I also feel maybe there is another ulterior motive for telling people not to have kids: perhaps the childless couple will leave their money and assets to the JW religion instead of spending it on their children or grandchildren.

    I'd give it to charity, the government or even burn it before I gave it to them!

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