Requirements for the platform!

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  • asp59

    I wrote this letter to organization some years ago. They never responded. So as it biblical I'm gonna share it. There's biblical text to everything written even if there not included. Forgive for grammar and spelling. Not a English speaker. If you are not of beliver no need for commenting.

    1 Timothy 4:13 Until I come, continue applying yourself to public reading,+ to exhortation,* to teaching. 14 Do not neglect the gift in you that was given you through a prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.+ 15 Ponder over* these things; be absorbed in them, so that your advancement may be plainly seen by all people. 16 Pay constant attention to yourself and to your teaching.+ Persevere in these things, for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who listen to you.

    What is the requirements for a public reader?

    When did the platform arrangement started?

    Has there been a absorption in its so the progress and advancement been seen by everyone?

    Does "everyone" mean Satan so he doesn't come with accusations?

    What was the arrangement in the old Jerusalem?

    Temple in Jerusalem was built with gold and preciuos stones and God controlled every facet of the Temple. Does that mean God has high requirements for his platform and special interest in it?

    The tribe of Levi were the singers and public readers. Does that mean basic for being good reader is singing in God's eyes?

    Bible say singers practice day and night. Is that what Bible consider being "absorb" in this practice?

    What would be probably the best arrangement for the new system?

    Why did holy spirit write this in this old system and not wait for the new system to advance the platform?

    If the theocratic school started 1940s is 1 book sufficient for such an important part of Godly devotion?

    Or would be the the right arrangement what the Levites had with was part of the donations, place to practice,(temple) and trainer's?

    Paulus planted. But is the obligation of watering so the congregation could grow spiritually given to someone who conducted Bible studies or a DVD? Or was it given to Apollo (or Apollo class)? With of does would God bless?

    Why the first Cristian were willing to help Apollo's with donations and not Paulus? He him self complain that as in the old Temple he had right to donations. But why did the first Christian's more interested in helping Apollo as it seems?

    If the platform can't be bless cause the progress haven't been there,is Christian hospitality and Christian love the base for the congregations now?

    And wouldn't it be wise and loving to inform the congregation of the situation we are in now so they could amplify this facets even more?

    If Paul and Timothy were of the anointed,are the anointed then responsible for intense occupation and a development that's obvious to everyone of the platform?

    If they haven't completed this and holy spirit have chosen others to fulfill the biblical requirement of preparing what's gonna be the base of the new the organization obligated to find this brothers and help them?

    If the 140.000 haven't fullfil the goal with platform. Should they still be traveling around giving speeches?

    Is it wise to go from door to door inviting people to assembly's when the teaching base for new system is about 80 years out of date?

    Shouldn't the organization protect God's name from Satan's accusations?

    In old Jerusalem if one of the singers choose to do the work of one of the guards he would be put to death. If God has such strong view on this subject. Why are not the faithful slave teaching JWs about he's requirements?

  • oppostate

    Your abundance of questions probably left them dumbfounded.

  • Perry

    Just a FYI. The word "public" is not in the original Greek. It has been added.

    The reading mentioned is referring to the bible and writings of the apostles that were available at that time (later to become the NT). It would have been impossible for that admonishment to have anything whatsoever to do with Watchtower publications, since they would not exist for another 2000 years.

    Thankfully, we have the exact same reading material a available to us that was available to believers at the time that the counsel was written in 1 Tim 4: 13 that you cited.

    To even remotely suggest that Paul had in mind some future publishing company is utterly foreign to the text in its historical setting.

  • john.prestor

    You didn't honestly expect them to answer that many questions, did you? Most of them don't make very much sense anyway...

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    It's just overwhelming to think of the answers for all those questions all at once.

  • zeb
    • no beard.
    • patent leather shoes
    • suit (even in hot weather)
    • Tie (not to colorful)
    • no individuality ie- give talks word verbatim from prepared script.
    • be prepared to look keen even when the audience is a bored as......
  • Vidiot

    Blanket answers to all questions sent in to the WTS...

    a) "Pray more."

    b) "Go to the meetings more."

    c) "Associate more."

    d) "Study WT publications more."

    and e) "Go door-to-door more."

    I should probably add...

    f)"Which congregation are you in?"

    and g) "Listen, obey and be blessed."

  • hoser

    I could never figure out why it is called a platform at the Kingdom Hall but a stage at the assemblies.

  • Vidiot
    hoser - "I could never figure out why it is called a platform at the Kingdom Hall but a stage at the assemblies."

    'Cause at the assemblies, the folks in the seats aren't just congregations.

    They're an audience.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''''''Cause at the assemblies, the folks in the seats aren't just congregations.

    They're an audience.'''

    Me too. I always wondered why its called 'platform' at meetings and 'stage' at a$$emblies. Perhaps because its an 'audience'.

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