How would we recognise Christ's return? (serious question)

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  • UpAndAtom

    He couldn't come back as black, because then the Whites wouldn't trust not identify with him. He couldn't come back as white, because the blacks wouldn't trust him. If he appeared in China or Asia (the West wouldn't accept him) and visa versa.

    Has anyone considered the possablity that a meeting is currently taking place in Heaven, and God, Jesus and a few good spirits are sitting around trying to figure out the best way to positively influence us? It's always assumed they know exactly what they are doing, however if we truely do have a free will, then this is something they couldn't predict 100%. I know our free will can be very predictable at times, however I don't believe God could ever 100% know what we're going to do next if our will is truely free? Would this not cause God, Christ and ensamble to take the temperature of Earth and prescribe an exact does of ____?____ instead of good old miracles? Maybe miracles would not work this time around?

    Example: To my pet Dog, I am his God in that he doesn't understand my reasoning process. I on the other hand am quite smart and predict his behaviour (even control it to a certain extent) I also care and love him, however if I brought an armadillo into the house I couldn't be exactly sure what he would do since he hasn't seen one before. Now I'm not suggesting that you think of Christ as an armadillo, but if this helps you understand my question then so be it.

    I suppose my question is; taken for granted that Christ loves us as a good shephard wanting to care for his little lambs; How do YOU think he should approach us? Consider for a moment, it really is up to you, because God and Jesus are running low on ideas for this day and age (a particulary bloody, godless and selfish age in my opinion).

    Sorry this is so long winded - just need to ask a few questions.

  • Yerusalyim

    OK a serious reading of scripture has it that we will ALL OF US...know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Jesus when he returns.

    JESUS IS COMING....and he's mad as hell

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    If you want to look at it scripturally, UpandAtom.....remember it was written that he would return in the same manner that he left.....we'll see him in the we just hafta figure out what those clouds it the ones we see in the sky? Or is it clouds of something else?.....Since He was the word made flesh, could it be clouded words? Words made to be indefinite in their meanings, thus cloudy, in order that we, as humans, would eventually quit looking to God's word for succor and begin just looking to God, to whom Jesus was quoted as saying that he would return the kingdom ....."outside the book" so-to-speak...?

    Frannie B

  • freedom96

    I think there will be no doubt whatsoever.

  • Hamas

    When you start seeing spiders crawling down from heaven, pigs flying in the sky and the Watchtower apologising for any errors, so then the son of man will return.

    ...In the beginning, man created God.

  • seven006

    Serious answer.

    You would know Christ has returned by seeing me lying down on the ground and hear me repeating my last dyeing words, Oh shit!


  • ashitaka
    ...In the beginning, man created God.

    LOL. You took the words right out of my mouth.


  • ashitaka

    edited....because my clicking finger is too fast.

  • CruithneLaLuna

    I personally know two shamans who have encountered him in their journeys. I read an excellent book by a practicing shaman who is also an anthropologist, who in his workshops does healings. According to his account, when he was healing a Catholic nun, Jesus appeared and participated in the healing. The spirit was recognized as "Jesus" by most if not all in attendance, without a need for discussion. This incident was independently reported by another participant in the workshop, BTW.

    Now, it is easy for people whose understanding of the spirit world is biased similarly to the JWs' to cry "DEMONS!!!" and dismiss all of the above. I, interested in shamanism on the one hand, and on the other entertaining the idea that there was no historical Jesus and Christianity may be based entirely on fraud and lies, don't know what to think. I do think that the spirit world interacts with our world and our minds in ways that we are most likely to find comprehensible, ways to which we can most easily relate. People can get more excited about an anthropomorphic God (or gods) than they can about some set of abstractions that's hard to understand or feel warm and fuzzy about.

    As a non-Christian I can't take this topic's question seriously. I don't recall any of Christ's or the Bible's promises being genuinely fulfilled in my life during the 30+ years I was a Witness, nor the dozen or so years before that when I was being reared as a nominal Christian.



  • smack

    Easy, he'd be the hippy dude, nailed to a tree, with a silly hat on.

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