Episode Four - Mike is shunned by Jehovah's Witnesses - Is Live Now

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    In this episode we explore Mike’s story of being shunned at an early age while still living at home, and how even today although he isn’t officially “shunned” he’s still treated that way as an inactive Jehovah’s Witness. Not all who are “shunned” are disfellowshipped or disassociated from the organization. Shunning is in the DNA of Jehovah’s Witnesses, something that really marks them as a high control religion, also known as a cult.

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    My pleasure! I've got another interview done and up for editing for the beginning of January. I then have something special for February that I'll announce at the end of the January episode that I've started working on.

    Oh, and if your version of this podcast has mono audio that's my fault. I've corrected it in the file that was uploaded, but for some reason if your podcast app downloaded the one with mono audio even downloading the new one seems to not change anything. I don't get it, but even if it's mono it's a good interview. I'm just picky about audio.

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    Thank you sir!!!

    Always love your work!

    I so want to share our story soon....soon......

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    Stuckinarut......I will look forward to that.

    dubstepped......Know that halfway around the planet from where you live, someone is eagerly waiting and then listening to your monthly podcast. On his iPhone stuffed in his jeans pocket while he works on his five acre "bush block" in sub tropical Queensland, Australia. Perhaps you have a bigger audience than you realise. Thank you for what you do.

  • dubstepped

    Thanks for that message amicabl! That made my day. It's so cool to realize how far reaching this stuff can be. Seems the United States, UK, and Aussie-land are the big three. It's nice to think of the various ways that people listen. :)

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