Catholic church raised a cry of alarm, every year thousand of Catholics become J.W

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  • steve2

    Here are annual figures for JWs in Italy from JW Yearbooks. There is a trend of slowing down in growth, and in actual annual baptisms and memorial attendances, decline:

    Year Av Publishers Baptisms Memorial

    1998 224,504 7,809 385,387

    2008 240,604 5,119 430,890

    2013 247,259 4,766 460,990

    2015 250,277 4,911 435,046

    Apologies for lack of columning of figures - formatting is lost in post.

  • jwleaks

    Pope shares a laugh after receiving report on JW trolley preaching. "Nothing to see here Your Holiness. Not even any interest."

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I think the Catholic Church is more worried about the hemorrhaging of its members by the hundreds of thousands and even millions to charismatic religions in Southern and Central America.

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