Query: How to Generate a Shaded Background for Quoted Excerpts

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  • steve2

    I've been wondering for some time how to generate a shaded background to show excerpts I quote from other posters. It's not obvious to me from an inspection of the different tabs which one governs background shading to show quotes.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.

    Kind regards, steve2

  • sparky1

    Thanks for bringing this up Steve2. I'd like to know myself how this is done.

  • fokyc
    The third box from the left with Quote marks ''
  • Simon

    Put cursor somewhere on paragraph, press the quote button on toolbar -> " (3rd one from left)

    Click the paragraph symbol to turn it back into a regular paragraph.

    If you want, you can also learn HTML and use the </> button to edit the raw code ...

  • Finkelstein

    Or copy the specific quote and paste it into your own post box, then highlight the quote with your cursor, then click the Quote Icon (3rd. from left) on the menu tab ..... Wallah.

  • steve2

    Thanks Guys. Instructions work on iphone but not desktop computer.

  • sparky1

    Same here. I can't get this function to work on my desktop computer.............

  • Diogenesister

    I have to shade my quotes once I've completed my post as clicking the paragraph symbol doesn't take it back to regular " unshaded" writing. Hence I do it at the end (if the quotes at the beginning) or my whole post is shaded.

  • Magnum

    steve2 and sparky1, it will work for me on my desktop, but not on my work laptop (which is what I use mostly).

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