Newspaper article on Conventions—why so glowing?

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  • sir82

    Now, I dare anyone to find me a worse crowd of weirdos, misfits and freaks, all that also effortlessly destroyed the place.

    Relax and accentuate the positive.

    Posted minutes apart. That's one heck of a multiple personality there, DY.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Focus. The subject is on JW convention attendees as opposed to other type of conventions.

    So JWs cherry pick scriptures to justify their beliefs differently than other forms of Christianity, so what! Just another religion.

    This does not subtract from the fact that their conventions are very clean, orderly filled with lovely looking people.



  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    You are hard to get a beat on DY. I don't think discussing why there are always the fluff pieces that exist, is not accentuating the positive.

    Yes, JW's are well dressed (recent memos explain how that is being controlled), clean shaven (by decree), and they are attending. I personally look forward to the wonderful talk "show loyalty by shunning unrepentant wrongdoers". How lovely!

    I think the main thing here, is just what is the motivation of the newspapers to run these things.

    I personally think there is simply a media outreach arm. these are local papers/news outlets, and they always need new local goings ons to report.

  • ctrwtf

    As a biker and tattoo enthusiast, I'd rather not put up with mind controlled zombies. I find it interesting that the reporter graduated from a no name college and writes about higher education. I wonder how she feels about the wits take on college degrees?

    And let's face it folks, these rags are hardly the NY Times or Boston Globe. If memory serves from having attended a convention or two at this worn out C rated arena, (home of the wildly successful stamp and collectible expo this year) these home town shopping circulars are trotted out every year as "proof" of how positively we are viewed by the community. The reality is that most people are aware of the controversial teachings of the wits and avoid them whenever possible.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    Of course..... of course.

    All be well.


  • littlerockguy


    Your comments are so pathetic.

    I know...., it is difficult for many in this forum to attach any credit to the WTBTS.

    I know. it was difficult for Jesus Christ in the scriptures to attach any credit to the Pharisees outer appearance of cleanliness and appearance of respectability.


  • Londo111


    The main topic is not the is about the content of the convention and the lack of reporting regarding it.

    The content encourages shunning family and friends, dying rather than taking a blood transfusion, forgoing higher education, selling ones home so as to do more for the organization. Therefore, it is not just a gathering of another religion or form of Christianity. A mainstream religious group does not going to these extremes.

  • BeautifulMind

    My opinion echoes the sentiment of Wu- Tang Clan "cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M get the money, dolla dolla bills y'all" 😂😂

    seriously tho, financial gain is a big part of the positivity in the articles. Hosting these jw conventions brings in a good amount of money to the cities it's held in. So I don't think they care about what goes on inside.

  • steve2

    Most articles provide links where readers are invited to comment! Get typing if the spirit grabs you!

    Back to your OP:

     Modern-day organizations often provide newspapers and other media completed press releases, full of "spokesmen's" glowing quotes. Virtually completed stories are handed to lazy journalists who simply tweak the PR accounts. They are like infomercials.

    Local newspapers are notorious for this kind of free-publicity drivel - and it ensures conventioners are much more likely to buy the newspapers which is why they are sold around convention venues. 

  • oldskool

    The internal language that JWs use among themselves is very nuanced. Add in that a great deal of what they write and preach is monotonous and pedestrian, which makes it that much harder for any outsider to catch the meaning behind what is being said with so much generic babble sandwiched in between.

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