Brother in the rite, Councils?

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  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam

    The Councils of Carthage, The Council of Trent, The First Council of Nicaea!

    Gimme your thoughts?
  • Landy
    I think you shouldn't eat yellow snow.
  • Crazyguy
    one thing I know about these events were that these meetings were to set up doctrine and add or take away books from the bible.

    You say, "brothers", so I assume you mean "anointed" persons who would serve on the Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, if they happened to be be born in our time. After all, there were no JWs back then, but I believe that I get the gist of your question.

    We can do some mental gymnastics from false premises and deduce that there must have been some present, especially at the Council of Nicea, or what trust could J-dumbs place in the ancient texts that were labled as the Bible?

    The real problem with your question, is that it leads to more and more questions. These questions undermine the hierarchical structure of JWism. For instance:

    1) Where did the Bible really come from? From God or men? If it came from men, why trust it? If it came from God, why is it so messed up?

    2) If God controlled the Council of Nicea through magic/mind control, why is the Bible so convoluted and divisive?

    3) Why did God not preserve his name, if he actually presided over such councils as mentioned above?

    You probably cannot get an answer to your questions from an indoctrinated JW sheeple, they simply do not reason on anything too deeply. Also, the question raises doubts, which are the first step to eternal destruction for Dubs.

    Question #2 above is very current and important. If God used men to choose which dusty old scrolls became the Bible, ( men who had to be "anointed" according to JW doctrine ) those men must have been part of the "Channel of God", because only the "Channel of God" can dispense spiritual food to the many, and the Bible is the source of any spiritual food that can possibly be dispensed. This is JW doctrine, by the way.

    So if ancient "brothers" were in fact used by God, then the present GB of the WTBTS inc, cannot be sole "Channel of God" as they claim. In a related issue, the "nu-light" that the GB obtains from "Chistendom's" scholars, also proves that the GB cannot be the sole channel as they claim.

    If the GB are not THE CHANNEL, the hierarchy goes to hell in a hand basket. Why should anyone blindly trust any humans who simply cannot claim or prove that GOD is using them to the exclusion of all others?

    The WTBTS must have a hierarchy. That structure will be protected at all costs. Without it, they have nothing to offer anyone. Say "goodbye" to all the $$$, the food, clothing, shelter, everything that donations provide.

    As Jacko said in his sworn statements to the RC in Australia, it would be presumptuous for the GB to lay claim to being the sole channel of God. Of course, that information was not meant to be heard by the Rank&File J-dumbs. Just try sharing that tidbit with other dubs. You will quickly realize how they view "The Slave."

    Anyway, good question. It's fun to follow these thoughts to a conclusion. This is a forbidden mental exercise in JWism.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The Borg has done nothing but claim it is the sole channel. The sole channel of communication between God and man.

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