Memphis, TN - Memphis, Light, Gas, & Water sued in federal court over allegations of religious discrimination, harassment & retaliation

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  • JWdaughter

    Plenty here think he is out of his gourd for expecting anything in regards to accommodation. You may think that about everyone, or you may just assume every JW is out for a scam. I have read some claims and I agree, some are out for the$$$, BUT

    when there are actually laws to protect people, they should be followed. If you don't like the laws, the answer isn't to denounce everyone who takes advantage of them (politicians excepted), but to change them. The thing is though, that those laws are to protect people from being retaliated against for just these reasons. Some hate. . women for thinking they can do whatever you can do, Jehovah's Witnesses for preaching at them, Blue collar workers who are getting uppity, blacks who are getting uppity, Muslims who dare to wear hijab, Men for being men, Bruce Jenner for calling himself Caitlin - or whatever. Just because folks are in authority doesn't mean they are mature.

    Sometimes people have a "weak spot" whether it is a disability, being a minority, being ill or pregnant, or having a religion that a superior doesn't like-or just that someone doesn't LIKE them. Then, they are given roadblocks and expected to leap them.

    Was he? I don't know. Clocking in late is just kind of . . . inexcusable to me. Memphis has plenty of Kingdom Halls. Jws abound. So, I don't have a LOT of sympathy for his not finding a job with timing that works. BUT, I don't know the facts. The EEOC has enough info to think that he deserves a fair hearing.

    Some people do work the system, but some systems need work. Look at the WTBTS. They are a large enough organization to take care of things responsibly regarding children, to follow laws, to control their representatives and agents, but they screw that one up all the time. Maybe that big company in Memphis is back asswards and needs some educating. Or maybe he's just a jerk who's tired of working at all.

  • pbrow

    You choose your job. You choose your religion.

    It is literally impossible for your employer to force you to choose between your job and your religion.

    If you have to work on a meeting night then you have a choice. Go to meeting or feed your kids. Sadly individual jdubs will make the choice of meetings. Now, this assclown is going to get paid for it.

    Rutherford's wisdom was impressive.... "Religion is a snare a racket"


  • baker

    This is a municipality employer which means they have to follow all the codes and rules of the US. Currently they have 291 jobs available to the public with the lowest pay $17.90/hr. I knew a brother who worked at a power production plant and his pay was over $40/hr for a non trade job. These jobs are hard to come by and this guy is fighting for a lot and he also has a pension which will also go up if he works longer. I think he is using whatever reason he could come up with to get his job back or get back in, because once you are outside looking in, you are on your own. He will probably win his case, but will take a while. Maybe while he is off work, he has more time on his hands and learn TTATT.

  • Spoletta

    Unfortunately, there's just not enough information here to make a decision one way or another. Were there accommodations he could have made that would have allowed him take another position, or was he unwilling to make adjustments, even if they were possible? Without knowing all details, it's impossible to know who's in the wrong here.

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