Lessons learned from the outcome of bloodless emergency laparotomies on Jehovah’s Witness women

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  • Fisherman

    Don't worry about the copyright stuff........

    I know, and I did not mean to imply that you did that or that I suspect it I enjoy reading the information and again, valuable and appreciated in substance.

  • OrphanCrow

    Cool, Fisherguy.

    Millie, I have been thinking some more about what you said and I think that you have highlighted another problem with this study. It doesn't extrapolate well to a different geographical population. It has little comparison value to populations with different resources.

    Why this is important is because Shannon Farmer and Axel Hoffman, et al, from the SABM crew, used this study to write an article, in 2009, that they used to promote and establish the blood management program in Australia. And...it also was cited in the European guidelines for blood management

  • JWdaughter

    A recent course of antibiotics at Wal-Mart cost $30 &change. Checking later at Costco pharmacy, it was about $12 for non members at Costco and $6 for members.

    I think many of us might sleep better at night if we disseminated this information. I had no idea. Standard Z-Pac. A fraction of the price at Costco.

  • Vidiot

    scartchme1010 - "...The JW attitude that they have influenced the medical industry to come up with blood-less treatment is top notch BS..."

    It's funny; back when I was still in, I used to defend the WT's stance to non-JWs based on that very mistaken idea.

    Recently learning that the "bloodless" med-tech industry itself was crafted almost wholly by the WTS itself (albeit with one or two flimsy degrees of separation) was quite a surprise.

    Then learning that the WTS indirectly benefited financially from it (which, in turn, cannot help but influence their policies far more than any scriptural interpretation would) really gave me pause (thanks, OrphanCrow, BTW).

  • OrphanCrow
    vidiot: Recently learning that the "bloodless" med-tech industry itself was crafted almost wholly by the WTS itself (albeit with one or two flimsy degrees of separation) was quite a surprise.

    Parts of the industry has been. The blood management world is dominated by WT influence but other things that the WT has tried to take credit for in the industry are misrepresentations.

    I just finished Denton Cooley's memoirs and I must say that the story that has been crafted by the WT bloodless machine gives a slightly different perspective on the role of the Jehovah's Witnesses than what Cooley presents in his book 100,000 Hearts.

    To read accounts of the history of bloodless surgery from the perspective of authors such as Petra Seeber, the JW doctor who is prominent in the blood management world, you would think that Dr. Cooley designed and implemented bloodless techniques just to satisfy the demands of the JW patients. This myth has been repeated ad nauseum in anything connected to the WT. The blood management world likes to dub Dr. Cooley as a "bloodless pioneer". Funny thing is...Dr. Cooley doesn't call himself that and his accomplishments could never have been possible without blood transfusion technology.

    It is a blatant lie. Dr. Cooley developed bloodless no prime in response to the demands of heart surgery - NOT in response to the demands of JWs. The technology and method was one he developed for all patients before it became useful for JW patients and the JWs just happened to be a particular group that was able to take advantage of Dr. Cooley's expertise. They played virtually no role in the demand or development of Cooley's life saving methods.

    The WT likes to take credit for playing a role in Dr. Cooley's accomplishments yet they were the ones who requested that Cooley write about the JWs for a scientific journal. The JWs ended up as subjects of a Cooley study at the request of the WT.

    After reading Dr. Cooley's autobiography, and then re-reading some of the blood management claims about his connection to their industry, and their claim that he is a "pioneer" of bloodless surgery, I have come away with the impression that the bloodless/blood management world has 'adopted' Dr.Cooley and is trying sail in on his coat tails.

    Vidot, I still assert that the WT has their finger in the $ pie of the bloodless world, but I am refining my view on what their actual role has been. The propaganda they have spread about the blood industry takes a lot of sifting through to figure out what has actually happened and what is just part of WT myth making.

  • Vidiot

    Ah, got it, thanks for clarifying.

    Although, when you think about it, claiming credit for the research is almost shadier. :smirk:

  • TheWonderofYou

    Patient Security has got public interest in the last years in many countries. The rise of the awareness about necessity of blood management in the public and in surgery and the influence of single J.W. (physicians, consultants and patients) who played role – and what role - is very exciting. From bloodless surgery, AIDS, EBOLA, WHO, .....till PBM. So no it doesnt turn simple about the possible that dirty blood donations of illegal mexican immigrants could bring epidemics to U.S.A now already a global awaresness about Patient Safety and Bloodmanagement is achieved. Especially in a time when people are growing older each decade and are travelling around the globe.

    Thanks to OrphanCrow my attention has been drawn to this subject. While I was digging around in the Internet I found the following report of 2016 about the successes of blood management in Germany.

    Today in Germany we have 4 centers of excellence for Patient blood managment, university hospitals Frankfurt, Bonn, Kiel und Muenster. They form a project group for bloodmanagement. www.patientbloodmanagement.de

    The university hospital Frankfurt where Prof. Kai Zacharowski and his team work is one of them.

    This year 2016 president Obama and vice Biden awarded German physicians Prof. Kai Zacharowski with Humanitarian Award for Patient Safety. So you see the achieved public attention about this matter.

    Patient Safety Movement Foundation awarded Prof. Kai Zacharowski besides US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for his important contribution to reducing preventable patient deaths. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation set the goal tomassively reduce the number of preventable deaths of hospital patients worldwide by 2020. ….The Congress was attended by 250 international experts in medicine and politics, including former US President Bill Clinton. The study group from Germany travelled with representatives from 4 university hospitals (Frankfurt, Bonn, Kiel and Muenster). The group recently completed its study on Patient Blood Management with 129,000 patients. www.patientbloodmanagement.de/en/events

    Further a German award has been granted to the project team of bloodmanagement.de



    A swiss TV team accompanies the successful work of Prof. Zacharowski, named "Dangerous Bloodtransfusions" and how all German hospitals are going make a change.

    Here is the quick link to the english film


    Crushing evidence that side effects of transfusions are dangerous. Bad news for the medical world.


    November Newsletter about the latest develpments of PBM in Germany


  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Assuming your findings are correct, this is the kind of thing that needs to be responded to imo. The peer review process is supposed to catch this sort of thing. It may be that the simple disclosure of it was deemed sufficient, and the real problem lies with how the information is then used or selectively cited to support WT policy. Its a nice catch for sure. We need to talk.

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