How often do elders have elders school?

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  • Homer notsimpson
    Homer notsimpson

    I'm just wondering. How often do elders have elders school? ( is that what it's called? ) and how many elders attend? What do they talk about?

  • LV101

    Good question. What's this about and why do they have to travel to small cities for a one-day meet up? Probably about hounding the members for more money, their estates, anything and everything they own to keep the circus traveling.

  • zeb

    It would be interesting to know if their program includes anything ARC / Uk charities commission, recent Canadian class action related.

  • _Morpheus

    Sigh... seriously? You really think the elders schools are designed to encourage the flock to donate in their wills?

    The so called km schools are usually every 3 years and are bore fests designed to encourage the local cult managers to enforce cult rules properly.

    As for the upcoming local cult middle manager training, wifi has posted the program. Its not the least thrilling

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  • LV101

    Keep sighing --- DUH! Well, the cult likes money! What else do elders do besides keep the flock afraid of apostates and worshipping GB members.

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