JW mother wants to send her son to a mental institute for being atheist & wanting to go to college

by Khaleesi 7 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Khaleesi

    I am not sure if this was posted before. I am the mother of an 10 year old and I would have never treated my son like this for wanting to go to college, believes in evolution & is an atheist...I am disgusted how this JW mother can't see how her son has the freedom of thought or religion.... This poor kid most likely does not do drugs or is in a street gang, he just wants to go to college for crying out loud.... This is insane, just shows how a religion or organization blinds all logic from you... It's a cult..... i know there are many cult JWs parents out there who would do this, its insane and disgusting.... where is the love you say you should have towards your children? This is straight out abuse...

    Read the article but scroll down for the recording....


  • GrreatTeacher

    I think someone did post about the same thing before, but I can't get my tablet to play the recording.

    This site has a better description it seems like.

    Actually, I am kind of glad I can't hear it. I'm sure it would sound just like things I've heard before and it would probably be quite triggering.

  • Lostwun

    Khaleesi its impossible for jw's to accept you have a brain of your own and fully capable of making your own decisions without the 7 men in Brooklyn making it for you.

    Something has to be wrong with you. Thats the only justifiable way they can understand in their conditioned minds.

    For example my FIL implied that I was a paranoid schizo because I no longer wanted any part of the religion and also because i called him out on his blatant disrespect and busybody noiseness in my marriage and personal religious decision.

    To him, standing up for myself and talking back to a man equated craziness in the head. Its unheard of in the patriarchal religion therefore it doesnt surprise me that this woman equates her child as mental for thinking on his own.

    Its a sad reality waking up and having family still trapped in the borg mindset.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    That woman is mentally diseased.
  • eyeuse2badub

    That mother is a good JW woman by following the JW dogma of "keep em stupid".

    just saying!


  • ttdtt
    Its funny - if she tried that they would put her in the padded room, not the kid.
  • Vidiot

    There's a reason the Society has never recommended this kind of action be taken by JW parents...


    ...all it's gonna do is show the rest of the world how irrational and unhinged loyalist JWs really are.

  • careful
    We all knew plenty of crazy sisters (and brothers!) when we were in, right? So should this be somehow surprising?

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