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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Eric Wilson outlines how this book is being released again.

    I have the 2004 edition. Which I purchased in 2018. Was fortunate to obtain at a reasonable price, which I thought I totally lucked-out on because I thought it was never going to be released again. But anyway, here it is give this video a watch. Enjoy!!

  • scholar

    Beth Sarim

    I have already written a Book Review for Gentile Times Reconsidered, 4th edn, when news of an updated version was announced early October this year. I have ordered this new version and after reading it will post my Review online. Wilson's video review adds nothing new to the debate in advocating the proposed date of 587 for the Fall rather than the biblically established date of 607 BCE

    scholar JW

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Looks like Mr Wilson's video is taken down, unfortunately.

    Just want to say as to why the 607 apologists adhere so vehemently to their philosophy, obviously that is because without that their entire structure collapses.

    There is absolutely, without a doubt that 607 is their linchpin into their entire flimsy belief system. NO 1914, then no choosing of the faithful slave in 1919, list goes on and on......

    You will always see such apologists dogmatically, emphatically make ridiculously and outrageous claims to back their futile assertions without any evidence.

    It's just so strange that you see some guy on a broadcast remind the sheeple that Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in 607, without any evidence to support such an invalid claim. Nah, just take it at face value......we have no evidence.

    When you see evidence all over the place, libraries, encyclopedias and of course the internet to upend such assertions and narratives.

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