Science my son and I.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    A recent O.P origins of the universe bought home to me with ovbious clarity that I have no scientific background. This realization was rather embarrassing for myself to admit, particularly as my child of 11 has began asking some rather intersting questions on scientific matters. Anyway I have subscribed to " scientific America" because I find it a great magazine for those with no scientific background. The readership seems aimed at general readers, and therefore the articles I hope will encourage my son and I to create a shared interest in his ovbious desire to learn about science.

    If you are familiar with " Scientific America" your comments on the magazine would be appreciated.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I don't subscribe to Scientific America so can't comment on that publication.

    But it's good that you want to learn more about science.

    The scientific method is the best (only?) way we have for acquiring knowledge.

    Also, there are open access articles that, as the name suggests, are available to everybody for free.

    ScienceDirect has an open access section.

  • cofty

    The Khan Academy has a lot of brilliant tutorials.

  • keinlezard


    I would write "Scientific American" ?

    Sorry I'm french :( :) If it was , then I can say Scientific American is a reference. And for french only speaker we have "Pour la Science" who is the translation if this journal.

    I love two version :) French and American. Great quality :)

    It's a good begining to explore today Science. But sometimes you will need to have background then I think a good advice will be seeing Show like "Cosmos" Carl Sagan or the new of Neil Tyson de Grace.

    You have too some books like feynman , Sagan ... for physics , Monod , Jacob for Biology ...

    National Geographic Channel on TV is good too :)


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Thanks Cofty & LoveUnHateExams. I took a peak at "khan academy" and will research it further.

    Keinlezard, Thanks for engaging and your opinions. Communication is never easy, so I appreciate your attempts at English, particularly as my compulsory French at school showed me how hard it is too speak and write in another language.

    My son is in charge of his education and I am their to support him, the "watchtower" is not. My son will have a better education than the " better than university" education I was told I was receiving growing up reading the awake magazine.

  • stillin

    Scientific American has a nice blend of articles. Some are within my range of understanding and some are way out there, which is good, too.

    i watch the science articles in mags like Time and USA Today. But really, not the ones in Awake. Those are written for imbeciles.

  • Heaven

    YouTube also has a lot of good Science videos. The original "Cosmos" with Carl Sagan can be found there. Also check out James Burke's "Connections" series.

    Edited to add: Even as an adult I also enjoyed the children's Science shows "Beakman's World" and "Bill Nye the Science Guy".

  • scratchme1010

    I have read the magazine, but like with many other magazines, they are used to promote advances in sciences and many other interesting things. I personally never subscribe to any source of information 100%, and I try to compare and search for more information, different opinions and/or the veracity of the published information when I come across a topic that interests me.

    I'd suggest to do the same, as good of a magazine as it is.

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    +1 for Khan Academy. Anyone with school-aged children should have it as their homepage. Or at least bookmarked

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    COFTY.....thanks for the Khan Academy recommendation, my son and I spent hours yesterday on the computer science learning to write codes using the Processing language. We both can't wait to continue tonight...with a delivered pizza and coke.

    Wish I had these opportunities as a kid.

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