Beyond the Kingdom Hall.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The religious lessons themselfs are not missed, they were actually quite dull, and I realize I learnt nothing of value from them. Instead a quite evening at home playing with my boy is more endearing. Yes my life has moved on, I occassionaly see members of my former congregation in shopping centers, or they are putting the kids in to the back of the car and inside I believe most of them have bottled it, they prefer the comfort to the " truth" Who am I to expose the can of worms.

    Many of course can blame parents or grandparents for having grown up as outcasts in school and I hope if they do leave like me they hold no resentment. Indoctrination is a terrible thing, and even false prophecy, Royal commissions, and proof that many of the elders in the congregation are complete and utter shits won't change that. This however no longer baffles me and I am content simply being indifferent to any arguments that are made to prompt my return.

    I still bear some resentment to the G.B, and those that belong to the more prosperous positions simply because personally I believe most are leading a double life and are indifferent to the life's they are ruining. However such people exist in all organisations, which is why many organized minded people are attracted to organisation. Politics and business not only religion confirm this.

    Now it is my first summer " beyond" the Kingdom Hall walls, and when I see a pub in the evening I will stop there and no longer rush home to prepare for a meeting. A Guinness in a pub has introduced me to some of life's most wonderful characters.

    I do appreciate many here who have doubts have a lot to be slaughtered about if they leave. The personal "shit" is the part of the journey I won't judge. As for the factual stuff you must be aware of it, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

    So I have started this O.P hoping others like me will have magnificent testimonies on how there life's have improved, however  I am sure many have struggled and sadly life may be pretty miserable. Both testimonies are equally appreciated. The important thing is it takes guts and courage to move on, and happy endings can't be guaranteed, but each posters testimony is of equal value and the " lucky bastards" like me I hope are not the few.

    The Rebel.

  • MarkofCane

    It has been a journey, a lonely journey since I put all my eggs in one basket. It has been a period of discovery; everything seems new, everything had been tainted and skewed in a unfavorable light. Its really like getting a second chance at life without the blinders. Even though the bOrg has caused so much damage, I try to stay positive for my kids sake who are watching me and for my own peace of mind. This next phase of my life I would like to volunteer some in a meaningful way.

    I loved this image, nailed it.

  • pbrow

    Hey Mark... that picture is awesome... do you know the name of the cartoon or of the picture?


  • Giordano

    We left some 50 years ago. Started a new career....... one not dedicated to the WTBT$. Raised our son in a JW free life style. Traveled through out the country making and selling our art in gallerias and participating in art Shows.

    Worked at home our entire careers....loved working at home.

    Retired to our small city of 7,000 (two colleges in town with one having concerts and theater often free of charge) walk to everything, talk to everyone, help our elderly neighbors when needed. Volunteer for 7 years for a foundation that is involved with historic preservation. Which in turn provides 12% of the employment in our area.

    I now volunteer as coordinator of our local Studio Art Tour....... check us out at

    Being out has been the best years of our lives.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Hurray Giordano.... sincerely.

    Breaking free and victorious is quite a win in life.


  • MarkofCane
    Pbrow- Sorry don't know, found it and saved it.
  • bsmart
    I think Cofty posted the image about a week ago, very striking. Not sure where he found it. Bsmart
  • cofty

    I came across the image on the web and posted it here...

    Sorry I don't know the origin. I thought it seems to say so much with such simplicity.

  • pbrow

    Thanks fellas for posting it. As soon as I saw the picture it brought me immediately back to my "this is all bullshit" moment when I realized I would never bring my kids up in this cult.

    Very powerful indeed.


  • Vidiot
    Picture's worth a thousand words.

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