The J.W fishpond of marriage mates! How many of us married a idiot!! No choice.

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  • scratchme1010

    What a horror. Instead of there being "more fish in the SEA" our marriage mates came from the small and crapy Witness pond. Anyone got burned by going with Mr or Mrs you will have to do?

    I guess than in a away I was the crappy fish in the witnesses pond. I had a JW girlfriend out of people in the congregation pressuring me, stupidly believing that somehow having a girlfriend will make me forget that I am gay. I'm still baffled about the rationale behind it, but whatever. I had a JW girlfriend and a not-so-JW boyfriend at the same time. To me it was just a matter of choosing whichever girl, as my congregation was full of single desperate women more than happy to lower their standards for a JW man.

    I had the decency of breaking up with her and starting the process of fading soon after, so she had the chance to choose another fish from the crappy pond.

  • skin

    This could be the main reason I have seen so many divorces of JWs married to JWs over the past 20+ years that I've been in the WT religion, and a very low percentage of JWs that are married to a non JWs who divorce over this time. Now here comes the WT brain washing part of this statement. Try mentioning the fact that I have witnessed many JWs get divorced over these 20+ years I've been in (trapped) and you will most likely get shot down in flames for speaking negatively about the beloved WT religion, or has an Elder once tried telling me, "in the world they have way more divorces than JWs".

    There was a part in this weeks meetings where it was brought out that if worldly people would only start studying with JWs, they would find that there marriages would become a lot more happier.

  • jeanniebeanzz

    they make you take a vow of allegiance to a printing corporation when you are 11 (my story), then beat you into submission and a bad marriage in your late teens, THEN threaten to take your kids from you if you don't put up with his crap and abuse in to your late 20's and when you have had enough and give them the ole, 'thanks for all the fish' and leave, they destroy your reputation and try to take your kids.

    ideal mates, those... <.<


  • berrygerry

    Not an overall idiot. Very much academically challenged.

    But a very hard worker, thrifty, and caring.

    However, J's org came first, ahead of me, our children, and our futures.

  • zeb

    cmon Tahoe and jeanniebeanzz now tell us what you really think..

  • HereIgo

    I left the troof and married a "worldly" woman. I have heard horror stories though, elders cheating on wives, orgies, swinging etc. Go figure smh

  • Vidiot

    As a young guy, I'd often get very bummed that all the "spiritually strong" girls (my mom kept pointing me towards) seemed so homely and boring to me.

    BTW, I ended up marrying an inactive but very attractive ('specially when she gets all made up) JW woman, who ended up fading with me. :smirk:

  • pale.emperor

    I married an elders daughter who had no idea what the religion is all about but somehow managed to get baptised. Marriage soured quickly due to her being a poster girl for gestapo type snitching they encourage you to do on your "loved ones". The only thing we had in common was that we were JWs. So since I faded she left. I'm now with a hot Portuguese girl that thinks I'm just the best thing in the world

  • Vidiot

    pale.emperor - "...I married an elders daughter who had no idea what the religion is all about but somehow managed to get baptised..."

    "...Somehow managed to get baptized..."?

    I assume you're being a smartass. :smirk:

  • Landy
    As a young guy, I'd often get very bummed

    Sounds painful!

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