I remember my Grandfather who was a CO saying;

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  • Spiral

    I didn't know the teaching had changed on this.

    How cruel, really. They are so dogmatic and certain about their teachings....... until they are not. A lot of damage is done to a lot of people, and the faithful don't dare complain.

  • Alfred
    In the mid 80's, I clearly remember a CO mentioning (at an informal lunch gathering) that he believed Armageddon survivors would get to keep their genitals, but resurrected ones may not have any genitals because they would be considered holy and have no use for these. WTF???
  • steve2

    This really is a sad case of wishful thinking disguised with the evasive language of religious doctrine .

    The nonsense spewed by religious groups exploits and exacerbates grief.

    You wanna be married like forever? Join the Mormons whose tripe favors eternal marriages.

  • Chook

    Pale Emperor nailed it when he spoke of the seven clowns using theological witchcraft to predict who has what spouse when picnicking with the panda's.

  • smiddy

    Alfred : The Co was probably thinking of

    Matt. 22:30 ,"for in the resurrection neither do men marry nor are women given in marriage but are as Angels in heaven"

    The above is a quote from Jesus.

    However their are also scriptures in the Bible that show Angels eating food ,having sex with women ,(never Angels having sex with men mind you ? ) even producing offspring would you believe .

    It makes you wonder about the Bible doesnt it ?

    just saying.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Ah yes. This old thing. Well I heard about the genital thing too. I mean.....who needs those filthy old genitals if you aren't going to be screwing people right? Of course that sucks, especially while other people are doing it. Also your wife remarried and now they live up the way. But......doesn't bother you. You just look down at your Ken doll smoothness and think how much easier it is to walk around and buy underwear. Also, Jehovah magically made you ok with this scenario. Of course, when did anyone perfect screw up in the bible over something trivial anyways. I think this is pretty sound.

    *** The no genital thing wasn't an official teaching, and now this whole thing is a shoulder shrug of a doctrine.

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