Dodgy poetry

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  • Gargamel

    Feeding Meat to Babies

    Dear Father,

    They called at our door,
    Bibles in hand, proffering dreams
    of a Promised Land,
    where lion and lamb will lie with your children,
    where no-one will die
    and Spirit fulfils them; a time when angels
    will dry every tear, and humankind
    will no longer fear.

    But when you asked how
    this would come to pass,
    and listened with bated breath to the answers,
    they neglected to mention global disaster,
    vengeful Creator, burdensome Master,
    for whom you must slaughter original thought,
    and be taught from the altar --
    of ignorance.

    I forgive you, for you know not what you do.

    Your son.

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