Who is the "faithful and discreet slave"? & JW class system

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  • Counter-Watchtower

    Ive asked my JW friends that 3 times and never got an answer.

    And can someone explain the JW class system? And or point me to info on it.

  • sir82

    Short answer: in JW doctrine, the "faithful and discreet slave" is the group of 7 decidedly mediocre men who make up the "governing body" of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I'm surprised they couldn't answer that. It is beat into every JWs head at least weekly,

  • Crazyguy

    My son asked me after a partook one time if I believed in heaven? I then realized he didn't even know that some JWs are supposed to go to heaven. I think a lot of JWs go to the meeting sing the first song then sit down and check out .

  • Counter-Watchtower

    They got uncomfortable when i would ask, like they were afraid to tell me because it would turn me off, or that they dont believe it and it sounds unBiblical (cause it is)?

    What are the "lay ppl" JWs called then according to the Org. Only reason i ask these questions is because i cant find the answers on JW.org

  • waton

    Jesus asked the same question.

  • MrRoboto


    In JW land, the faithful & discreet slave is now taught to be 7 guys at worldwide HQ who are the Guardians Of Doctrine for the entire religion. (their words, not mine, although they don't teach that at the meetings)

    The "lay people" as you said it, are what many here call the R&F or rank and file - that's your everyday JW person, male or female. Sometimes just referred to as Publishers

    From the Publishers, though, come the pioneers (preaching hour quotas for these people), elders (men who need not be elderly nor older, nor mature - from my experience), ministerial servants (men who help the elders)

    As for the Class system, locally, the elders are at the top, followed by their wives, then the ministerial servants and pioneers. Organizationally, the 7 guys at HQ (aka Governing Body) are on top.

    With so many men "on top" its a bit hard to not get a bit screwed.

    If you're studying or considering studying, my personal recommendation is to RUN - fast.

    The truth is supposed to set you free, not enslave you.

  • Fisherman

    Jesus asked the same question.


  • carla

    My jw always has said they don't have a class system. They are all the same blah, blah ,blah...... and in other news I have bridge to sell you.....

    Someone had a really good chart comparing jw's to Catholic hierarchy, I forget where.

    In my mind the hierarchy of jw's goes something like this-

    jah (or so they say)


    Jesus comes in a good second I guess with the gb

    co's or whatever they are called now



    rank & file unless you are female then you would be next to last

    male children


    female children

  • Counter-Watchtower

    If you're studying or considering studying, my personal recommendation is to RUN - fast.

    The truth is supposed to set you free, not enslave you.

    Haha no im not joining! And yes i very much know.

    Thanks. That inconvenience Jesus having to be there getting in the GB way haha.

    It seems like it would have been easier for the GB to justify their control if they would have just called themselves Apostles. After all what applies to the Apostles i take it they would teach only applies to the anointed 144,00, only way they would justify what is said in the NT.

  • venus

    This is like asking "Who is the good Samaritan?" Question found in Mathew 24:45 is a part of an illustration Jesus used to alert those living in the Last Days; it does not imply the existence of God's organization any more that it glorifies the validity of slavery.

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