Reclaimed voices respond to's recent public statement regarding the Dutch governments decision to investigate

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  • Diogenesister

    I'm so sorry if this has already been posted but I think its too important and interesting to miss.

    Reclaimed voices chairman Raymond Hintjies responds to jw.orgs dutch lawyer's statement that the Dutch govt. investigating Watchtower's 300 incidents of CSA would be akin to"shooting a mosquito with a water cannon"

    I particularly like Raymond's sensitive message to concerned jw parents, at around 3 minutes or so,

    Reclaimed Voices have done amazingly wel firstly in making CSA within Watchtower a political issue with motions and debstes in parliament, l in finding legal representation for the victims and ensuring the press is made aware of Watchtowers neglectful attitude toward its most vulnerable members. I know one woman is completeing a sponsored walk to help pay for the victims legal costs, since we know Watchtower's main tactic of stalling and stalling till their opponent goes broke, whilst they hurl millions in donated funds at the problem.

    Edit: dont wirry, there is english subtitles and its a short vid.

    above is a link if youd like to donate toward the sponsored walk

  • DesirousOfChange

    No English subtitles here.

  • Tantalon

    I could see the subtitles DOC

  • Anders Andersen
  • smiddy3

    I watched this video and thought the content was very good however a slight criticism making sure that JW,isms are clearly spelled out for non J.W`s to understand in other words speak in a language that the general public understand because that is who you want to reach and not just J.W.`s.

    Also it would come across as more professional if he had on at least a casual or business shirt and not a T-shirt.

    presentation means a lot guys , really and to dress sloppy takes away from the message .

    Just my 2 cents worth .

  • zeb

    The wt inHolland is following the same tactics as they did here in Oz. Obfuscate, deny, deny confuse, and so on.

    Holland needs to hold their own inquiry and get on with it.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    He makes some very good, solid points. Seems like Watchtower only makes excuses.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I agree with Smiddy, presentation is important. I think though that the argumentation was reasonable, considered and would be difficult to successfully refute. The only area I would have held back on was the statistical conclusions he made. I think the projections were a little muddled and unnecessary.

    Reclaimed voices is doing a great job.

  • Wakanda

    WT is projecting again with their cannon/mosquito thing. They want to handle individuals and not the foundation Reclaimed Voices. They want to be the cannon and the victim will be the mosquito.

  • Vidiot
    LevelThePlayingField - "He makes some very good, solid points. Seems like Watchtower only makes excuses."

    If the critics make solid points, and the Watchtower only makes excuses...

    ...what's that say about the Watchtower?

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