Article: Jehovah’s Witnesses Holds Women Back

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  • AndersonsInfo

    By Lydia Segebrecht December 16, 2016

    An open letter to Serena Williams about Jehovah’s Witnesses’ treatment of women.

    Dear Serena,

    I want to start by applauding everything you said in your open letter that was reproduced on The Guardian website last week. As a woman, I too have experienced firsthand the inequity and unfair treatment that results from gender inequality in our society. Whilst it is true that great strides have been made in this area in recent decades, it is also true that there is still much work to do. I support and commend every sentence of your letter.

    It is thus in this spirit of co-operation and progression toward gender equality that I must respectfully draw to your attention the following serious matter. Namely that you have on a number of occasions associated yourself with and promoted the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious organization. This organization teaches and enforces gender and social doctrines upon its members that are the exact opposite of the stance you advocated in your letter.

    I speak as someone who was raised in this religion and who is intimately familiar with its rules and teachings, and with the sanctions imposed upon members should they disobey those teachings. In your letter you speak of the need to remove hurdles to a young girl’s development. Thus, I must respectfully remind you that a young girl growing up today in the religious faith we both shared will encounter the following hurdles and blockades.

    All children raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses are strongly discouraged from attending higher education. Should their parents ignore this command, they may be sanctioned. If their father is an elder (a church leader) he may be removed from his position.


  • A Believer
    A Believer

    “The women proclaiming the good news are a large army.”PS. 68:11.

  • ShirleyW

    Well, first of all, if Sister Serena was a faithful JW she wouldn't be a tennis player, she's be knocking on doors and sitting next to her cart every morning. I'm just guessing now not sure but, is anyone in her family baptized? Is her mother? I'm sure that dad of hers isn't. Someone answered the door at the Williams household a while back and they liked what they heard, agreed to study, started attending meetings for a while then got quite lax about it, but still calls the family religion JW. I have a feeling that sums it up for the Williams family experience as JWs

  • LongHairGal


    I'm glad somebody is making this public.

    But, they don't just try to hold back women who are raised in the religion.

    If a woman comes INTO the religion as a young adult (like I did) who already possesses skills, education and has a career, they will do everything to get her to quit her decent job. They want her to pursue poverty doing housecleaning and favors for people in the religion...

    IMO, they want to "abase" her: either because of jealousy or because they hate educated and capable women. At least, this is what I suspected.

    They have NO concern whatsoever about the welfare of single women. A single woman in the JW religion must be wise enough to look out for herself and HER future. Nobody else there is looking out for her. Not only that: if she has no family there she is fair game for the elders to target. They are not protecting her.

    Thankfully, I followed my gut and ignored them all.

  • NVR2L8

    A Believer: A large army of foot soldiers under the power of all dedicated males...that need to covert their head when they need to pray in the presence of a 12 year old baptized male who is unable to. They can't even teach in the congregation even when they are more capable then their male counterparts.

  • jwleaks


    Serena Williams, you have confirmed you will be in Melbourne, Australia, next month, January 2017, for the Australian Open from the 16th to 29th. I was born in Melbourne and I love my capital city.

    Serena, do you endorse or support the Jehovah's Witnesses religion's decision not to report to the authorities the rape and molestation of over 1,800 girls and boys within the church in Australia alone? These figures have been verified by the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission. I hope you don't remain silent like the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses who only spoke to declare the child abuse within their religion is "apostate driven lies".

    Each family in Australia has on average 2.4 children. Therefore the 1,800 child abuse victims in Australia have an immediate family of 6,120 not counting themselves. Add to this number each child victim's grandparents (7,200) then the total number of people (immediate family) directly affected by the concealing of child abuse with the Jehovah's Witness church in Australia is:


    The Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne has a tennis seating capacity of 14,820.

    12% of the seats amounts to 1,800.

    Serena, when you take the court in Rod Laver Arena next month I hope you recognizes that every single seat in the arena you are playing tennis in represents a family member directly affected by child sexual abuse in Australia within the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses alone.

    Serena, if you win the Open, and I wish you all the best, I hope that in your speech, instead of thanking Jehovah God (and by extention the Jehovah's Witness religion which you associate with) you draw attention to these 1,800 child abuse victims.

    Unless one person stands up no one else can join them. You are a role model so be that role model and stand up.

  • Spiral

    @ A Believer - that means nothing if the men control everything and they think you are a "weaker vessel".

  • JWdaughter

    I wonder how many JW men would dare utter the words "weaker vessel" after playing a set of tennis with her? She is very strong, very fit and very skilled. Probably much more generous, too.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I agree with JWleaks, good point. Please, Serena, speak out.

    If Serena wins, and "Jehovah helps her" what does it mean if "He" doesn't "help the children?"

    Tennis is more important?

  • smiddy

    jwleaks , I would like to see that letter of yours published in an Australian newspaper (the saturday paper ? if no other ) if at all possible .

    But I suppose pigs might fly before that happens.

    Thanks Barbara for posting this.Serena and her sister Venus life style are in complete contrast to what the religion they promote advocates for women .

    I would like to see this letter published in an Australian paper also ,for when Serena plays The Australian Open Tennis Competition in early 2017.

    If Serena was serious about her concern for women and equality she would speak out about the inequalitys that exist in the religion she promotes so as she doesnt come across as a hypocrite .

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