NYTimes Article - Russia Moves to Ban Jehovah's Witnesses as 'Extremist'

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  • steve2

    Would the GB allow a separate religious movement to start up and practise inside Bethel? Would it seek to expel the adherents of the new movement, and, if unsuccessful, call upon worldly authorities to bodily remove them?

  • respectful_observer

    Funny - no mention of the "earth shattering" campaign of JWs to write letters to Putin & his ministers. To listen to the num-nuts on JWtalk, you'd think it would be headline news across all majot media sources.


    Haha! I thought the exact same thing.

  • darkspilver

    FYI - the article that AndersonsInfo linked to in the OP was featured on the middle of the front page of the New York Times

    The high-profile nature of the case is sparking coverage by international news outlets, including... a front-page article in the print edition of The New York Times (“Pacifist, Christian and Threatened by Russian Ban as ‘Extremist’”) on April 5.


    Large (readable) PDF scan of the New York Times 5 April 2017, front page:


  • tor1500


    Big write up about religion but the NYT couldn't expose the pedophiles in the org....so Religious bans out weights the lives of children....


    I do care about the friends in Russia and for their lives...if the Russians don't want them there...leave...maybe Jehovah don't want the witnesses in Russia, maybe he's trying to tell them something....I care about if they are hurt. But I care more about the lives of children. The org. hides pedophiles....that is a bigger head line then ever, but the NYT never picked it up but little ole ma and pa papers did....

    Can someone tell me why the NYT decided to print this instead of the ARC ?


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