"Coping with Shunning" by Barbara Anderson

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  • berrygerry
    I love my parents dearly, but the message they have chosen to accomplish this is harming good people.

    So sad.

    The Tuscaloosa News - Sep 26, 2002


  • greenhornet

    Well Barbara this is a painful subject. It happen to me I almost lost my kids. Now my kids hate JWs because of the crap they caused in our painful divorce. Hopefully your grandkids will someday see this thread.

  • LV101

    Barbara - I had no idea and I'm so sorry your son/DIL are missing a lifetime of having a relationship with a mother that should be so honored. You've done beyond helping the abused children as well as others. You're one strong woman to be admired -- especially by your son and family.

    The evil cult and it's fantasies control good people (and bad) and it's so sad.

    Let's hope for a miracle.

    Best --

  • smiddy

    I`m sorry that you and your husband have/are going through this Barbara ,and as you are fully aware ,hundreds , if not thousands of others are going through this same crap.

    My lovely daughter in law has, and is , still going through this from her parents and siblings for the past 15 years. As previous posters have said , if your son ever wakes up to the TATT , he will never forgive himself for the way he has treated you both , especially if either of you leave this world before hand.

    As has happened many times over , his own children may disown the religion , and frankly I hope that will be the case. Maybe he will learn a bit of compassion then and regret the way he has treated you both.

    Thanks for the post , & take care, the both of you.

  • Vidiot

    @ Barbara...

    You can be JWD's "grandma", if you want... :blush:

  • nmthinker

    Thanks Barbara. Good reminder to not be angry with my mom for her shunning me and my sister. She is doing it because she thinks it is God's will and without doing it the whole belief system will fall like a house of cards. She's too old to start over I think.

  • biblexaminer

    I cannot, for the life of me, see why a civil suit for violation of civil rights could not succeed against the WTS.

    The WTS has talked a broad action that escapes the bounds of religion and interferes with ones right to free speech.

    The Watchtower's punitive action has affected persons personal life outside the scope of their religious activities. This cannot be tolerated.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    smiddy: as you are fully aware, hundreds, if not thousands of others are going through this same crap.

    Not to be critical, but it's more like tens of thousands...if not hundreds of thousands of grandparents who are impacted, in one way or another, by this idiotic WTBTS disfellowshipping and shunning policy.

    Wow...Just Wow! A 17 year old grandson who is forbidden to see his grandparents on unsupported Biblical reasons!

    May God bless you Barbara & Joe and may God damn the WTBTS!

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