Only One Destiny for All Christians

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  • LV101
    cofty - 'IF' you were a believer you'd be the most popular evangelizer out there! Maybe you could be a TV Bible review-type and yell out the facts. Amazing.
  • Rattigan350

    Why do people keep arguing against the 144,000 in heaven? It is very clearly in the Bible that Israel was Jehovah's people for a purpose. Thus the 144,000 spiritual Israelites would serve that purpose in heaven. Arguing against that can't change because the whole laws and temple was about that. Not going to heaven is not a bad thing.

  • JoenB75

    No such thing as two classes of believers. You have to be able to isolate all the stuff not found in the Bible and then discern if the JWs are prophets of God with the right to bring us new mail from God

  • GLTirebiter

    When Jesus spoke of sorting souls into two groups, it was sheep on his right, goats on his left. Those who followed his word on the right, those who gave it mere lip service on the other. Those who chose salvation, or damnation. (Matthew 25)

  • steve2

    Two groups: Jews and Gentiles but one hope.

    Remember, the two classes doctrine came, not from Russell, but from Rutherford. His flawed reasoning was based on the 144,000 - mentioned but twice in Scripture and then only in the book of Revelation known for its symbolic use of numbers.

    Basing a doctrine involving a literal interpretation of a number in a book replete with numbers even JWs treat a symbolic is a bit unsound to begin with.

  • KingJehu1


    Jesus was a first-year century human being who allegedly went to heaven. You're gonna have to do better than that, fella. [/b]

    He wasn't raised a human, he only materialized like angels did in the past . When an human eats , they defecate . The is not the same with angels when they materialize and ate . The ressurected Jesus need not defecate when he collects fish from his disciples cos he wasn't human. Genesis 5:2 an human is a creature with flesh and blood.

    Corinthians 15 says it is sown a physical body and raised a Spiritual body. Spiritual by definition is not physical .

    I repeat it again John 3:6 what is born again or born of spirit is SPIRIT . A hope of becoming Spirits not humans.

    By now you should realize the significance of Paul's words " We shall be CHANGED " . No longer humans bro

    how do you now explain Revelation 21:3,4 that says " Humans " of flesh and blood will dwell forever without dying ? - this doesn't explicitly state that humans will live forever on planet earth. If you maintain otherwise, it is up to you to show us your working out.
    I'm not going to do your research for you.

    Those going to heaven must Be CHANGED

    Humans ( flesh and blood ) cannot inheirt God's Kingdom in heaven . This is why those going to heaven must undergo a change. John 3:6 what is born of spirit is SPIRIT.

    For this place to mention humans , they are still creatures of flesh and blood , not changed as spirits , shows they are not in heaven but Earth ( psalm 115:17 the Earth he has given to humans )

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The ressurected Jesus need not defecate - but the pre-resurrected Jesus had to defecate, right?

    Jesus was flesh and blood. Mary gave birth to him via her vagina, in the same way all other humans are born.

  • JoenB75


    Russell certainly had his own two classes doctrine. But Bible Students would mostly go for the high calling to Jehovah nature.

    There is one hope, one baptism etc. Jesus brough down the wall seperating Jews and gentiles (and kicked their behinds in AD 70).

  • Vanderhoven7

    Rutherford bought into the other sheep being a heavenly class until 1935 when he changed his mind about the destiny of this alleged secondary group.

  • Sanchy

    KingJehu: The ressurected Jesus need not defecate when he collects fish from his disciples cos he wasn't human.

    This idea of Jesus not shidding after his supposed resurrection is strictly your assumption.

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