Receiving Holy Spirit

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  • JH

    As a JW we asked God, in prayers, for his Holy Spirit to understand things better and be a better teacher of the good news. Did you ever feel God's Holy Spirit give you strength or understanding?

  • Vivamus



    And the world shall tremble in the wake of the Blue Bubblegum
    Dutch District Overbeer

  • greven

    I never felt any influence whatsoever emanating from Jehovah, Jesus Christ or his insubstantial friend, the holy ghost. Prayer was like talking to myself, granted this can give strength and clarity of thought, but I do not believe this to be divinely guided or caused.

    Greven, -not praying anymore but still talking to himself when he is (or thinks he is) alone-

  • Hamas

    Yes, but it was all a dream.

  • frenchbabyface
  • shotgun

    Yes..once...I turned over a parked car and leapt over a tall bldg.... then I woke up.

    The WTBTS use the term so frequently that I have become a skeptic. I do remember when they used to say in prayers give us a portion of your holy spirit and then changed it to just holy spirit saying that he does not divide it up into portions either have it or you don't...I'd say they don't.

  • OrbitingTheSun

    Honestly, no. I couldn't even delude myself into believing so.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    No, never, there was nothing there.

  • Francois

    There was nothing there until I got rid of every bit of JW influence and then asked from a place of purity of heart. And then BINGO, there it was. It was so real and right there before me. And I realized, too, that I could have asked as a JW and would have never heard a peep.


  • Odrade

    Nope, but then again, we are taught to ask for spiritual help, then we are taught to never quiet our thoughts or "open our minds" lest the demonz get in there. So how are we ever supposed to receive any spiritual direction of any sort.

    Right now I'm trying to teach myself to be open to energy meridians. Not quite the same as HOLY SPIRIT, but it really does change your perspective.

    BTW all you alternative folk... any advice? books to read? This really needs its own thread. HAHA!!


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