So Jesus is not a searchable term in the NWT Glossary?

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  • smiddy3

    They have no shame and have deliberately passed up many, many, many opportunities to praise Jesus in their magazines, instead they demoted him to an errand boy for Jehovah and prominently feature the Governing Popes.

    Despite what my NWT of the Bible revised 1984 edition says where it uses the name Jehovah in the New testament ( CGS) the "Kingdom Interlinear Of The Christian Greek Scriptures" published by the WTB&TS a word for word translation of Greek into English does not contain the Tetragrammaton of the four Hebrew letters denoting Gods name nor any Greek equivalent four letters denote his name.....So the name Jehovah does not belong in the Christian Greek Scriptures

    And most of all note this : Nowhere in the Christian Greek Scriptures ( NT ) are Christians admonished to be witnesses of Jehovah ,nowhere. not one scripture.

    However their are about 20 scriptures that admonish Christians to bear witness about Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

    Phillipians 2: 9-11 Christians should be witnessing about Jesus Christ to the glory of the father not Jehovah ,which by the way WT admitted was not the correct pronunciation of Gods name anyway.

    No such problem exists with the name of Jesus.

  • carla

    I can just imagine the conversation with my jw if I asked why Jesus isn't a searchable term in the jw nwt bible, he would call me a liar, get all huffy and try to prove it and say something must be wrong with his device at the moment and then I wouldn't hear another peep about it ever again.

  • TheOldHippie

    But it is not an index, it is a glossary explaining in short words the meaning of the word in question. Look up the letter G, and you will not find God either. Self-explaining terms are not listed.


    In WTS theology Jesus is an angel. Servant of Jehovah and the WTS. What else do you need to know for real Christianity?

  • blondie

    OH, I noticed that Christ and Jehovah are in the glossary, not considered self-explanatory, why then Jesus self-explanatory?

  • HiddenPimo

    Thanks Blondie! I wondered that myself and you beat me to the post. 😉

    If the Old Testament with its Mosaic law was invalidated by the New Covenant then what scriptures in the Christian Greek Scriptures support their being witnesses of Jehovah instead of Jesus?

  • Finkelstein

    Yet just about all JWS when they pray end their prayer with we say this in name of Jesus Christ.

    The WTS has been highlighting the worship of Jah much more so than the son, that's what the false religions of Christendom do .

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