What the Australian Royal Commission says officially about Shunning!

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  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Than a for posting this also, I too live in the US and no one seems to know a thing or if they do they are not talking.

    The hall I attended had 3 child molesters in it that I knew of, I am fairly sure in my city there are way more as we have a prison here where the state sends a lot of pedophiles and the local elder's have a prison ministry there. I know that's where 2 of the 3 we had came from.

    Before I knew anything they were promoting the prision like crazy, not sure if it's still as strong as I don't go anymore.

    I would love to see it break open worse than the Catholic's did as it is way more rotten. I have been threatened with being DF'ed for speaking up. I would love to see this all end in my life time.


  • Daniel1555

    The Washington Post brought the story. There is a thread on that.

    I think many more will follow, as was the case during the ARC hearings.


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