New documentary on pedophilia in JWs Sept. 14, 9PM Radio-Canada

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    Summary for our english friends:

    A brother (Abuser A) abused a girl (Girl A) in another congregation. That congregation called the elders of his congregation and probably ended up talking with the only elder that was, in fact, also a pedophile (Abuser B) and friends with (Abuser A), so, he told the other elders that his congregation would deal with it and buried the matter.

    Later, Abuser A also abused another girl (Girl B). When Girl B complained to the elders about it, Abuser B managed to bury it out. Nothing could be done, only one witness.

    So Girl B told the police. Unfortunately, just like the other elders of her congregation, they were unaware of Abuser B and Girl A. Result: Too little evidence, the abuser was cleared of the charges.

    Years later, through facebook and a mutual friend, Girl A meets Girl B! They tell the congregation, who then disfellowhip Abuser A. In the process, they tell Girl B that they reproved Abuser B as, some time ago, they found out he was a Pedophile!

    Issue 1: Girl A should have gone to the police back in the 90s but was discouraged to do it by her congregation.

    Issue 2: In order to reprove Abuser B, Elders became aware of two other victims and did not reach out to Girl B. It was Girl B who had to call them to hear about it.

    Issue 3: Elders who reproved Abuser B, and the parents of the victims, did not tell the police. They knew for a fact he was a pedophile and did not bring him to justice.

    Issue 4: When the original Police office did his investigating, the congregation, including the members, did not collaborate with the cops. Result: He was unable to gather any evidence.

    Though I very much appreciated the documentary, I believe it will have little impact on the JWs. In the way the report was brought, I feel that most will overlook Issue 1 to 4 and put the bulk of the responsibility of the situation on Abuser B.

    Though some may still be troubled by the fact that Abuser B was reproved, lost his privileged and was not disfellowshiped.

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    Thanks to all for the postings!

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    Kind of terrified of posting this. I know how much you guys cover shit up and how evil your organization is but whatever if this track helps one person it'll be worth it!

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