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  • AlanF

    : Everyone of us could even chose our own scientist to testified what they feel confortable to believe in.

    That depends on the subject and the qualifications of the scientist. Sure, you can find someone with, say, a degree in theoretical physics to testify that the earth is only 6,000 years old. You can find 'scientists' who believe in psychic phenomena. You can find 'scientists' who will testify that crop circles are made by aliens, that UFOs are manned by little green men and even ones who'll claim that Jehovah's Witnesses have the truth.

    So what?

    Science doesn't depend on the testimony of scientists. It depends on the facts, and on the long term interpretation of those facts by the world community of scientists. That's what makes science as a whole self-correcting. Any scientist can be wrong about any specific thing, but because in the long run you have a lot of people checking up on one another, mistaken interpretations (ones that don't hold up under scrutiny) get weeded out and are no longer held to.

    Evolution has stood the test of time quite well. There is absolutely massive evidence, in the fossil record, that life has evolved. What is still an unresolved question is the exact mechanisms by which life evolved. There are many ideas, most of which can't be solidly proved, but which make sense. Undoubtedly new proposals for mechanisms will come along. Note that I'm not eliminating the notion that "God did it", although if "God" did indeed "do it", it raises an awful lot of unpleasant questions about "God".


  • logansrun

    Interesting herk still has not enlightened us as to what books he has read by evolutionists. Such a simple request and all I get is static....ah, well.


  • proplog2

    If there is a God he could settle the question about evolution real quick.

    If he created sound and language why doesn't he just say something. Why doesn't he take over the news services and have a big press conference.

    Until then, evolution has my vote.

  • frenchbabyface

    AlanF : very good point !!! ...time tells fortunatly, so here we are waiting to see ... but still so much dark in the light !!!

  • Panda

    ONE reason that the modern brain is larger is because we began to talk.. amazing isn't it? But as our diets began to include meat our bodies didn't need that same jaw power anymore. Our stomachs no longer had that distended appearance because we weren't processing all of those grasses anymore. That made standing erect much simpler. . Once we developed speech our neurons began stretching. You can actually watch this happen as the brain forms from stem cells.

    Stem cells are the first cell divisions after an egg is fertilized. At about 50 cell divisions you've got like 200 stem cells. These cells can become anything. They've got all the genes. The marvelous work w/ stem cells has shown that (w/frogs) that frogs eyes are grown from stemcells. next the frog loses his eyes at the tadpole stage, next the grown implants are attached and guess what happens to those new eyeballs --- the optic nerve stretches, grows towards the brain, then it stops at a certain place and the brain send out neurons to the optic nerve... connection and the light goes on. Stem cells have also been used in humans. Why because they can produce new tissue to replaced dead tissue. Sufferers of Parkensins gain great benefit .Also, and this is fantastic --- Stem cells were inserted into a mans heart in the tissue between ti dead and living heart. (I think this man was in either scotland or Brazil) Anyway those stem cells began to reproduce healthy heart tissue.

    So when we recognize the mechanism of something as simple as stem cells and their properties which are capable to grown whatever cells they are surrounded with, well you've gotta admit that's the most awesome thing you've ever seen!!!

    Those stories about the brain are lamo. Our brains a busy bees 24/7. It monitors every process mental or physical all day.

  • RunningMan

    "I sincerely would accept evolution if I could see evidence of it, but I don't."

    Here is a little evidence to consider:

    - Do you know why there is no vaccine for the common cold? It is because the cold virus mutates constantly, continually changing into a new variety. SARS is a mutated corona virus. Evolution is observable in the bacterial and viral universes.

    - Your body contains numerous examples of evolutionary remnants, such as your appendix, wisdom teeth, and tailbone. There is even a muscle in your calf that primates use to curl their toes around branches. In humans, it is non-functional.

    - Occasionally, an evolutionary throwback occurs. A person is born with webbed feet, fur, or a tail.

    - The fossil record contains a massive repository of transitional animals.

    Overall, the evidence of evolution is everywhere. What I don't see is evidence of creation.

  • logansrun

    Adding to Running Man's list of vestigal structures in humans:

    Humans have muscles so that they can twitch their ears -- a cute little trick which has no purpose. But in our mammalian cousins this serves a very important function in their range of hearing. Just look at a dog or cat and you will see what I mean.


  • drwtsn32

    Isn't the appendix part of the lymphatic system?

    But to add to the list... what about our defective vitamin c gene? Humans and primates share this defective gene and it prevents us from manufacturing our own vitamin c. We must eat fruit that contains vitamin c in order to stay healthy. Other animals don't have that problem as their vitamin c gene functions normally.

    Evolution has an answer for this, but it doesn't make sense if we were specially created.

  • frenchbabyface

    well I've learned A LOT today !!! ... Very, Very, Very ... Interesting ...

    Aztec ... PLUS De FRANCAIS ... ENCORE ... s'il te plais (MORE French ... AGAIN ... Please)

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