Whatever happened to them??

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  • jeffory1

    crazy guy

    it truly is a small world,,all of these powerful men brought low and the Org tossing them off like so much dirt. we left Seattle some years ago and now reside in Phoenix, Az. an have no regrets about leaving.

    I almost feel sorry for them until I remember the hurt and meanness they caused my family and others .


    Yea that sounds like the Baxter I was talking about. while he served our circuit the PO from another cong. approached him and revealed that my daughter who went to their cong. had been involved in some wrongdoing and since she had recently moved back home she was now living under my roof. meaning of course I was responsible for everything [what nonsence] but thats what the book said. Well Baxter had an elder meeting and described exactly the situation w/o mentioning any names , well I was mortified as this body of elders was one bunch of mean sons of bitches except for the PO. dear Bro. Henderson,,he was a tall older black man who was not only kind but fearless as well probraly due to the fact that he professed to be of the annointed. well after the mtg. I went to him and explaned the situation. He looked at me and said Ho----s do you really want me to schedule that ,just let it go. Well it was like getting slapped, it woke me up and then I was angry that Baxter would do this ,at any rate that was the straw that finally started me looking at this 'most loving people'. 3 years later my wife and I had abandoned ship as they say.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Whatever happened to them?

    They aren't living forever in the Panda Petting Paradise like they were told.


  • Bro-jo

    Jack Thomas? Angelo Catanzaro? Christian Weining? Illingsworth? James Pellachia (CO and Brooklyn). Al Harrell (Brooklyn)? Ron Nixon (originally Cape Cod then missionary in Italy?.

  • Socrateswannabe

    Jeffory1, if these guys had any time in the circuit work at all and they are now working menial jobs for a living, then they are morons or very poor money managers. If you think about how much money they can extort from each congregation they serve, every time they serve them, AND the fact that every freakin' expense they have in life is paid by somebody else, then by the time these guys hit 70, their mandatory retirement age, they should be far more set than you or I are likely to be at that age.

  • LongHairGal


    You have a point and I'm sure the more astute of these guys in the circuit work have planned for their old age and probably doing fine.

    For those of them who weren't grounded in reality...hopefully JWs with businesses can offer them a job.

  • ShirleyW

    Angelo Catanzaro?

    I remember him somewhere between late 60's early 70's, had a professional voice, could've done voice over work in my opinion. Well, since I was a kid then and I'll be sixty this year wouldn't he and his wife be pushing their nineties if still alive? And speaking of alive, wasn't there a rumor that he committed suicide?

  • jeffory1


    No its not Angelo,,much younger last served the Seattle area ,,had to quit due to heart problems. Racking my brain to remember his name. not a bad guy at heart just deceived like all the rest of us.

  • jeffory1

    Peter Michas is the name

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