What happened to all of the KH`s that will be required in the next few years ?

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  • Atlantis


    Good points OrphanCrow! Reducing the bottom line to avoid larger payouts is quite a plan. And then building new high class buildings. I read that one place they are building even has a shopping mall of sorts.

    Oh, by the way, I received some HLC documents you might want, so I'll send you a pm with a link.

    Coffee time!


  • Atlantis


    That Argentina project has to be at least half a billion


    That must be the one I was thinking about. Isn't that the one with the shopping malls in it? Maybe I have it confused with another place.


  • OrphanCrow

    Yes, Atlantis, the Argentina project includes shopping mall and underground parking


    I am not too sure that underground parking is all that smart when you're building on reclaimed wetlands.

    But what the hey do I know? Lol! Maybe an ice shelf busting off in Antarctica will put the whole delta under water.

    Ps ...thanks for the leak. Beer on me!

  • Atlantis


    BEER!!! Well, in that case I'll put my coffee down and get some of the good stuff! In those HLC docs it is almost as if the HLC folks are telling the doctors how to do their jobs.

    One of these days the Watchtower is going to stick their nose into someones personal Medical Data, and they are going to leave a hospital with a bloody nose.

    Many thanks!


  • LongHairGal


    Yes, they need to have kingdom halls for the die-hards to attend...I’m not just being sarcastic.

    Some of these die-hard Witnesses are “needy” types who are expecting some kind of charity from people in the hall. I’m referring to ex-bethelites and types who didn’t work.. If there were NO halls to go to - there would be no center to ask money from anybody. The needy types would need to be in attendance to receive any money collected.

    If there were few or almost no kingdom halls what would these people DO??..They would essentially have been abandoned by the religion they gave up so much for!. How ironic.

  • Biahi

    Is there no extradition from Argentina to the U S? Maybe the GB is planning ahead...

  • nonjwspouse

    Once again Birdie's observation, in my opinion, are spot on.

    Moving assets out of the USA is what the WTBTS is doing at an alarming rate.

    So much of what is "directed" is due to legal reasons, in my opinion. The rest is to keep the indoctrinated under the "spell" of the sometimes eerily similar to the Orweillan style WTBTS cult.

    I would LOVE to have a cup of coffee/mug of beer with Atlantis and Birdie someday, just to listen to all that they have to say.

  • OrphanCrow
    Nowhat: That Argentina project has to be at least half a billion

    Do you think it is that much? I have been trying to figure out what that Argentina project is going to cost but I haven't got very far with it. Construction costs for that area in Buenos Aires aren't readily available but the property acquisition must be sky high.

    500 million seems a little high. But who knows. A high estimate seems probable based on the location. A closed walled in community must have high building standards that have to be met.

    I wonder how many Kingdom Halls have to be sold to finance it.

    *And hey there Nonnie... wish I could figure out how to make that beer happen!

  • Atlantis



    Come on you guys, I am hungry.

    Ok, I've got the Guinness and Bar B Que. Lets invite everybody!

    Dig in!

  • john.prestor

    Gated community with its own shopping mall? Guess they all just shredded that vow of poverty they signed...

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