What is the basis for advising “Don’t pursue higher studies”?

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  • venus

    Two elders who visited my friend last week encouraged her not to pursue higher studies. It seems they are dishing out the same old stuff: “The end is imminent, and this is the time to do more in the service; hence don’t waste your resources on higher studies.”

    I wonder whether there was some official communiqué (something that is sent out recently like letter to the elders, or kingdom ministry article …). Does anybody know about this?


    What is the basis for advising “Don’t pursue higher studies”?

    Watchtower Governing Body Leaders, don`t want JW`s to be Smarter than them..

    This one..

    Is 1 Dead Brain Cell away, from not knowing he exists..


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  • doubtfull1799

    1. Bad association

    2. Indoctrination in worldly thinking & philosophy

    3. Time wasted that is not beneficial to the ministry

    I think that about sums it up.

    Real reason: Keep you away from learning critical thinking skills!

  • Finkelstein

    Control information you have a better chance to control people's thinking and thoughts to your own means and purpose.

    The WTS has been doing this for decades, in a way ignorance is their advantage.

  • Crazyguy

    All fundamental Christian sects hate higher education, they don't like people learning things it leads to realizing it's all BS

  • wifibandit

    They mention it from time to time in a broadcast or meeting.

    Here is a letter that makes their opinion known:

    March 6, 2012 TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS Re: Reminders from Kingdom Ministry School held during 2011 service year

  • smiddy

    WiFi , that doesnt open up where I am.

    Whats been said previously , I agree with , that education means you use your own brain and dont just follow what other people tell you to think or to believe.

    When you use your own brain that God gave you to use with higher education you gain critical thinking and the realisation that JW`s are nothing more than a mind controlling cult to keep you entrapped in the cult.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, all appointed men have been expressly told that if they or their family members pursue higher education, then their "qualifications will be called into question"

  • ambersun

    i watched a video of Anthony Morris III giving a talk warning parents that they shouldn't let their kids go to college because the students are taught philosophy which wakes them up to TTATT

    He gave an example of a woman moaning to him that her son no longer wanted to be a JW since going to college, and AMIII had no sympathy for her, as "she was the one who had dropped him off there".

    There you have it, plain and simple, keep them away from higher education or they WILL wake up to TTATT.

  • pale.emperor

    Reasons that were drummed into me growing up:

    The end is just around the corner, silly! (This was 2001).

    You'll be surrounded by worldly people that Satan will use to entice you

    There's nothing out there

    You'll be in debt for years afterwards

    You'll be missing out on association with JW's your age, the best way of life!

    Why not use your skills in the truth?

    You can be a <insert interest here> in the new system

    Be like Timothy (the bible character, not some boy called Timothy)

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