AGM - Are they now teaching predestination?

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  • atomant

    There will be a new talk soon revealing new light and teaching the overlapping predestination of the predisposed proposal .

  • jp1692

    Brother Splane is already preparing his new chart for the "overlapping predestination" video!

    It's his moment in the spotlight. All the cameras are focused on him.

    He loves 'splaining things and pretending to be "the scholar" of the gubberning bod-ay -- he fancies himself an intellectual giant among a mob of midgets.

  • waton

    Every result is preceded by a cause, so in a short time span, pre-destination may be true.

    I do not think D.S. relishes having to front for wt doctrines. One can develop a serious case of Foot in Mouth disease from that. He looked so uncomfortable in front of the generation chart that illustrated the absurd overlap, but in the process showed the blunder of contradicting Math 24: 34, showing the predestined demise of the partakers, before the generation goes off the chart, as it is supposed to.

    Videos like that are a permanent record of your personal failings. you make them at your peril. no more anonymity for wt contributors.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Tight Pants Tony's part, he mentioned several times that Jehovah draws those he chooses and only those rightly disposed would come in.

    How does TP Tony presume to know what Jehovah does or doesn't think or do? If Jehovah is specifically choosing to draw certain ones "in" how does that explain those who come "in" for years and then later leave? Did he make a mistake? If Jehovah is doing the "choosing" why does it take thousands of hours of knocking on doors, to find the rare person who is interested? Why are most of the current JW's getting baptized made up of the children of JW parents? Are they brainwashed or does Jehovah make sure JW's get pregnant with babies who will be "rightly disposed"?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Of course none of it really makes sense. And, I know before they've had instructions to only study with folks 6 months and if no progress, cut the study. But, he seemed to go on about how JWs shouldn't spend time on calls that don't lead anywhere. I glanced around at the pioneers and they seemed less than amused. Who could blame them? Without those coffee clutch calls, their days become even that much more dreary.

    The reality is that many people choose their religion based on where on this planet they were born and what religion their parents were born into. JWs used to be a bit different (talking about Western nations here) in that you had many adult converts. That hasn't been the case for sometime now. I would venture to say the overwhelming majority of JWs under 50 are born-ins at least in Western countries.Immigrants are likely the only exception to this rule.

    I did think it was funny how during his announcement of how they were going to cut the mags down to 6 a year say in the same breathe how their literature was the most wonderful on earth or some such nonsense. So, let me get this straight, you are producing the most important message the world has ever seen and you decide that you should reduce publication drastically and then not produce anything new after 2 years (potentially). Talk about making no sense.

    As others have mentioned, this seems to be but one step towards moving to an all digital religion. And, I know they will always have some aspect of "preaching" but I do think it will continue to morph.

  • Gorbatchov

    What an arrogance. People are allways worth your time.

    Never understand the 6 month rule.

    They think they are better toen others.



  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Good observation Doubting Bro. I too was struck by the frequency of his using the phrase "rightly disposed".

    At first I thought this is Morris merely projecting his conceit and arrogance as well as his disdain of others whose beliefs are divergent from that of WT teaching.

    Whilst I still see the GB as conceited and arrogant, yet his repeated use of "rightly disposed" reminds me of the teaching of an "elect". If memory serves me correctly, I think it's a Calvinist teaching / doctrine.

  • smiddy3

    I don`t believe rightly disposed is a new teaching i`m sure that was a term used way back in the 70`s-90`s .

    However I think it had more to do with the attitude of those we talked to and whether they were receptive to the "truth" or not

  • freddo

    What inferences might we draw from reports of AM3 and from his life article in the magazines?

    Not predestination but the usual self-justification, self importance and irritability that are the hallmarks of this man. He is also an "all-for-show", judgemental, overbearing man. My belief is that his "people are a waste of time" statement is fed from the above traits.

    He's irritable because he knows revenue is down because not enough donations come in from the "wonderful" literature or the rank and file jw's.

    His self-importance comes through in as much as his feelings are projected on to an audience that has little choice but to listen. (Tight pants etc.)

    The "all-for-show" came in the article about his life where he said his sons "made him look good" - this is where War-wick as a venue and the swanky JWTV studio with its "suits" and jewellery comes in.

    The overbearing and judgemental comments about "people being a waste of time" and non-MS males (by the age of 23) being a poor choice of marriage mate.

    He is a supercilious shit who stuffs his porky face and lives high on the hog of donations of people he feels contempt for and those who died believing the nonsense portrayed in the "wonderful literature."

    I wish ill on very few people in this world but I hope AM3 has the rudest of awakenings.

  • Cimarrona

    In my lifetime, they've always maintained both ideas - that Jehovah "calls" those with the right heart condition to him but simultaneously (and contradictingly) that witnesses have to seek out sheep and, for themselves, constantly reaffirm their faith. I once asked my father: "Why am I being punished for Jehovah not calling me?" The man always has an answer for everything, but this time: silence.

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