Bad Association

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  • ignored_one


    I was marked as bad association by some people from a congregation I'd never been to.

    My crime, I missed some meetings. How the hell they knew I don't know.


    Ignored One.

  • Hapgood

    Oh yes, I was a Bad ASSociation!

    Low meeting attendance, I was irregular in field service, didn't comment at meetings, dropped out of the school. But I did clean the kingdom hall.

    I felt bad for my hubby and daughter, my being marked affected them too. My daughter was left out of alot of things because of me. I blamed myself when my daughter left the jw religion. I was unable to perform like I was suppose to, I felt so guilty all the time.

    Even though I believed it was the "truth", I just couldn't keep up with the JW expectations, no matter how hard I tried, it was such an ordeal for me to get to the meetings and out in field service. Because I was marked, I felt bad about myself, I have a low self-esteem anyway, but during my low points in the borg, I hit bottom.

    I feel much better now :-), I'm actually proud of my Bad ASSociation title.


  • Francois

    Why yes! In fact, I was marked as bad association by each and every family that had a nubile daughter lurking around. They all complained about how I "looked" at their daughters when speaking to the presiding overseer - my uncle, with whom I was living.

    I complained bitterly in my defense that I had no special way of looking at anyone. I said that it was just because I was a twenty year old guy of fairly handsome countenance, had at least 15 pounds of natural hair, who sported up-to-date threads, and drove one of only about 5,000 MGA 2-seater hardtop coupes ever imported into the US, and had hazel eyes that took on the color of whatever I wore and which had the appearance of looking slightly sleepy all the time. I CERTAINLY couldn't be held accountable for that, could I?

    And it seemed that all the compaining was being done by the males of the households. Neither the nubiles nor their mothers for that fact had any complaints. So my uncle let it lie - so to speak.

    Frank Tyrrell

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