Are You Objective About Who You Were As a JW?

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  • jp1692

    Oh, yeah. That's basically the fundamental reason why I left this religion: I didn't like who I'd become.

    When I found out it was all bullshit and the WT leaders were a bunch of hypocrites I was relieved actually!

    I still felt betrayed by then and was very angry, but at least I could leave knowing that I was right and I could reclaim my self.

  • stillin

    I make God happy. You don't. I'm a LOT more humble than you, too.

    What a prick I was!

  • HiddlesWife

    Yeah, definitely. When I was a preteen, one of my cousins, another sister and myself (same age group) knocked on a door. A female householder opened it and after giving her the beginning of our presentation, she stated that she did not want to hear anything JWs have to say due to a number of doctrines and issues (which she enumerated, i.e., the blood ban, holidays, birthdays, armed forces participation, various hobbies and college/higher education--all of these particularly). I could tell that my cousin and the other sister were bristling up because they thereafter responded: "Well, what we believe is Bible based. So, you should stop and listen to what JWs have to say. By your not listening to us is going to affect your life and your future, Miss!". The woman then told us that she didn't want to hear anymore that we had to say; and if she hears us ringing or knocking on her door again, she will call the police. Unfortunately, the other sister yelled out: "That won't do you any good! We have a Constitutional right to preach to anyone and everyone!". The lady thereafter commented: "Well, since you feel that way, I have a Constitutional right to get my gat (gun/pistol) to enforce what I have said to you three, since you have a problem with listening to me!". She left her door open and walked to the back of her apartment. Since this was the situation, we ran away from her door and into the nearby stairwell (this was a 10-story apartment building) and out of the complex into the street to the nearby corner and waited for the brother leading the four field service groups.

    Long story short=> The BORG has really influenced and indoctrinated many Dubs to show arrogance (the phrase that pays) and haughtiness when speaking to people about God and His Word. Many of the R&F have been also placed in the line of fire [literally (i.e., guns, vicious dogs and other weapons of minor destruction, etc.)] to spread these lies and untruths.

  • BluesBrother

    As I use the word here, objectivity is the examination of ideas based on knowledge and facts rather than opinions and prejudice.

    Well, based on the knowledge that I had and the facts as I knew them, it was perfectly rational to put all my hope and faith in the Watchtower teachings. After all if These are the last days why trust in the World?

    The trouble was a lack of information.. ours only came from one source. It took a long time for serious questions to be actually considered........

  • LongHairGal


    I was not much of a Witness since I worked full time....I was a "low hour publisher" as they say. I wasn't popular with the "in crowd". I was the person never invited to those special gatherings that people on here who were pioneers were invited to.

    I made enough concessions to be in that religion though. But I knew I had to work and I wasn't going to screw that up. So, I ignored the labels and the judgmental people and today I'm glad I did.

  • flipper

    WASANELDER- Great thread topic. I enjoy these " let's analyze ourselves " type threads.

    Yeah, I believe I've hit that point now after 14 years of being out of the JW cult- I had that driven home to me when a young teenage JW young man tried to witness to me at my truck today. It was surreal. I could see myself in HIM about 40 years ago in my life. Incredible. I was kind to him and tried to reason with him about living for today and not forgoing a college education just because people tell you the end is near. It hasn't come. I'll write a thread tomorrow on it later. But indeed, yes - I look at it totally from an outsiders view now - but with the " been there done that " in my head that I can step away from myself and reason with current JW's from just a logical standpoint without anger or the need to justify myself for exiting the organization.

    Of course having BEEN a JW it's impossible to be totally objective, there's always going to be some subjectivity underneath our deep inner selves within- however I now have the ability ( after being out so many years ) to separate myself and detach from some of the pain I felt - at least enough so to carry on a conversation with JW's (especially JW relatives ) where many times I don't even bring up WT or JW talk at all. I steer the conversations elsewhere - the weather, normal living, hobbies, growing a vegetable garden- stuff normal humans talk about -" not death, life, living in a paradise, never dying, the 144,000 , faithful slave " strange stuff that has no bearing on our reality. So- that's kind of my 2 cents

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