Elders meet with Pioneers & Missionaries Dec 2017- Jan 2018

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  • NewYork44M

    What a dreadful situation. You are penalized for being successful. I thought the who point was to bring in converts so they do not die at Armageddon.

  • NewYork44M

    Very sad. Yes. this brother should have pursued higher education. I hope it is not too late.

  • baldeagle

    One of the scenarios for discussion below.

    Situation: A brother who has pioneered for a number of years faces financial difficulties and becomes discouraged. He begins to wonder what his life could have been if he had pursued higher education and obtained a well-paying job?

    It would appear that worldwide there must be numerous troubled and disgruntled pioneers. Many must be quietly reviewing their lives and not liking what they see. In recent years, WT study articles have regularly addressed whether JW’s are experiencing feelings of regret over the sacrifices they have made and getting old in this system etc.

    2013 January 15 p. 26, Serving Without Regrets

    15 What about those of you who have made sacrifices to serve Jehovah full-time? Perhaps you gave up a promising career or a successful business to simplify your life and have more time for Kingdom pursuits. Or perhaps you remained unmarried or if married, decided to forgo having children to make yourself available for an avenue of full-time service that otherwise would not have been possible for you—Bethel service, international construction work, circuit work, or missionary service. Should you regret those decisions now as you grow older in Jehovah’s service? Should you feel that the sacrifices you made were unnecessary or ill-timed? Not at all!

    16 You made those decisions on the basis of your deep love for Jehovah and an earnest desire to help others who wanted to serve him. You need not think that you would have been better off had you lived your life differently. You can have the deep satisfaction of knowing that you did what you knew to be right in your case. You can rejoice in having done your very best to serve Jehovah. He will not forget your life of self-sacrifice. In the real life yet to come, he will reward you with blessings far better than any you can now imagine! Ps. 145:16; 1 Tim. 6:19.

    Thanks to wifibandit for providing this talk, outline. My conclusions after reading this material...





  • LongHairGal


    I like BALD EAGLE's post above.

    Reading between the lines, it would seem there are a lot of scared and worried pioneers as they see the years tick by and they are no longer young.

    Getting older is scary enough even for those who planned. But, I guess the religion doesn't want to lose these pioneers so it's giving them a pep talk to keep hanging on. These pioneers have no doubt either seen or heard about all the bethelites who have been let go. They see maybe that it is difficult for them to find work and perhaps they are faced with people in congregations who refuse to give them money.

    Good luck!

  • BluesBrother

    An elder of our acquaintance is gooing to an elders school lasting 5 DAYS soon. Good luck with that !

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Oh, by the...Wifibandit...did I mention...you are awesome!

  • Xanthippe
    What a dreadful situation. You are penalized for being successful. I thought the who point was to bring in converts so they do not die at Armageddon.

    This exactly describes my life nearly thirty years ago. What I've realised is growing up in a poor family with parents who had little education I had no idea what life in the real world had to offer.

    Now I know what I want to do, see the world, all of it. I don't have enough money for that but if I'd known the richness that real life has to offer, university, interesting jobs, travel and fun on this beautiful planet I wouldn't have wasted my time in that silly cult.

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    Wifi Bandit, ¿Do you have the outline in Spanish please?

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    Scratch that, it's now available in the Inbox. Thanks.

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