Activism ideas for our local communities

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  • stuckinarut2

    Hi All!

    I have been thinking of dignified ways to raise awareness about the toxicity of the JW religion in my local community.

    So, yesterday, I phoned my local Council head office to query the Carts that are set up in several places in our town.

    I was very polite and professional, and asked the council clerk if they were aware that a religious cult sets up its propaganda stands on council property near families and children on a regular basis.

    I said:

    "While I am sure they may be very nice people, the group they represent teaches things that appear to me to be in direct conflict with the values and ethics of our local community and council."

    "Their initial message seems pleasant, but I know for example, they are a very misogynistic and homophobic group. Thy condemn education and careers. They also promote the idea of keeping separate from all non JWs and community endeavours, and even teach that a mass genocide of people who are not of their faith is imminent. Above all, they have a history of child sexual abuse mishandling and failure to report such to police."

    "It just seems that their principles are at odds with the values and ethics of our community, and I wonder if they should be permitted to set up their stands on council land"

    The council took this seriously, and launched an immediate investigation into it, and sent out a ranger to approach them and tell them they are not to set up on council land again. The ranger even called me directly to find out more information.

    So I just wanted to share this, as it may be similarly replicated around the world?

    If we keep it to just a few key points of concern this seems to work. Particularly in this era of community responsibility, governments and communities are mindful of what occurs under their jurisdiction.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Phenomenal job, stuckinarut2!

    I've only seen JW carts on the town green on random Saturdays-- next to a world peace group that has been there every weekend for decades.

  • stuckinarut2

    The Ranger also called back to say that she had investigated, and that there is NO record of the group ever seeking formal council approval to do this work on those areas. Therefore they have no authority to be there

  • Biahi

    What an awesome idea!

  • gregory kostrewa
    gregory kostrewa

    Sorry I was on my phone and tried to hit the like button but i didn’t notice my big thumb hit the dislike button!? Sorry! I really liked the approach you had ! Keep up the good work!

  • smiddy3

    I am going to keep this in mind stuck.... 2 and will use your suggestions if the opportunity arises .

  • zeb


    and all you say is 100% correct...

  • punkofnice

    Sorry Stucky, but when you say 'Ranger' along with Jobos, this is what I see.......

  • blondie

    Wow, stuckinarut, did the officials say if and how they are going to check with the jws about that?

    It could be that the WTS/jws feel that this has already been handled in the court system and their right to be there has been affirmed and the WTS/jws do not have to seek permission. I can remember going door to door in a posh area having to notify the police department we would be there, not asking permission but letting them be able to respond to calls from the residents saying we should not be there; the department then could inform them of the legal rulings allowing it.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    I feel like dressing up like a witness of the 1920s with a long beard, wooden cart, with Millions Now Living Will Never Die reprints, Studies Of the Scriptures, Big Watchtower Reprints, and set right beside the modern day witnesses, exclaiming, the end will be in 1925.

    Then on the other side have another couple dressed up like Witnesses in the 1960s preaching the end will be in 1975 having reprints of the Watchtowers of the 1970s.

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