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  • palo32
    a member called joe134cd/ ? posted a year ago asking about john beaver - antonie dixons abuser. he was my second cousin.. and I am NOT nor have ever been a JW or my immediate family so not sure why reports are saying we all were. anyway tried to message Joe to no avai.
  • joe134cd
    Will reply to this tomorrow.
  • joe134cd

    Hi palo32 welcome to the board and sorry for my late reply.

    I am guessing this is the discussion you are referring to.

    Im sorry but I never have, or you were not able to send me an email.

    Ive re-read both this discussion and the news report and unable to find where it was stated that all his immediate family were JW. Perhaps I posted this some where else but was unable to locate it with the JWN search results. If I did imply this some where I apologize to you.

    I don't know how aware you are of this but there is a very big and real problem with this in the JW community. At the time of this incident I was associated with a JW congregation out in west auckland. I tried to find out more information about John but either no one knew him or if they did were not prepared to talk about it. It has always played on my mind. As was the case with Anthoney ( and with so many other cases like it) it was an example of the abused been the abuser. With out excusing Anthoney, although the guy was in fact a very bad man when I look at his past it could perhaps go to understanding his behaviour. Quite often there can be legacy in families were a pattern of behaviour can be carried from one generation to another, and a good example of this can be JWisim. Perhaps this is what I may of been implying, but with out seeing the specific quote I am unable to comment. Once again Paulo32 I'm sorry if I directly implied that all his family were JWs.

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