Sex offender John Olave Beaver in Auckland New Zealand. Anyone know him

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  • joe134cd

    There was a very high profile murder case in New Zealand a few years back involving a guy by the name of Antonie Dixon. I have noticed that there have been discussions on him in years past on JWN, and I'm sure a google search will bring news articles on him. What I can't find on discussions in JWN (and the question I have) was he was sexually abused by a witness called John Olave Beaver. Dose anyone know this guy and if he is still circulating in Witness circles? To what extent was he involved with the cult at the time of offending? I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he could of just been an interested person, but it was sensationalised in the media as been a Governing Body member. Just curious if any body actually knew Antonie Dixon as a boy growing up. Below is the link where he is named.

  • skin

    Antonie Dixon was a well known name in the media here in NZ up until he took his own life. Even TV doco's were made about him.

    I have not heard of that name John Beaver, maybe I'm in the wrong area of NZ to have known him.

  • joe134cd

    Yeah I know the Antonie Dixon case was hugh in NZ. But what I am wanting to find out more on is John Olave Beaver. Was he disfellowshipped? How was it handled in the congregation. Was it a case of I'm repentant so let's forget about it. I see he also abused 2 others and I'm just wondering if they were also members of the congregation. Could it perhaps be another example of a poorly managed sex abuse.

  • palo32

    joe.. are you able to email me direct on [email protected]. I couldn't respond earlier as had lost where you were etc and your email wasn't working... I am the cousin of john - in fact I was very involved in the case, went to court etc.. can tell you more about john etc.

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