Why do Men just want to control each other, and have control over you.

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    Wakanda seems to be doing pretty well and they have a King. Then again, strong Black women don’t put up with a lot of shit…

    If we could just get all the Black mothers to come to their senses and become Conservatives then we could overthrow Gates and his ilk in about a week. Sadly, we have Oprah and moronic “progressive” Black females influencing the majority..

    The saddest part of all is they don’t realize that really old, rich, white dudes are behind it all. Not because they are “White”, but they made their $$$ first and they aren’t letting it go. There could just as easily be an alternate Earth where Egypt never fell and Jesus never came and Caucasian people can’t read and write. ( Leftist readers licking their chops at the thought…. )


  • Rafe

    Men seek power over others through an established structure of self empowerment which also brings them an uplifted sense of self worth and importance in human social environments, which you usually can find in religious organizations.

    Spiritual leaders derive their power from supernatural spiritual beings which they claim they are supposedly connected to.

    A vilification of self glorification is established.

    Some good things can actually come from these men, sometimes not so good.

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