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  • wannaexit
    Hello pioneerbot!!! what a great name. Glad you are out !
  • wifibandit
    Welcome to this forum! I was so glad to hear about your kids today. You are a wonderful mom!
  • Oubliette


    I I love when long time lurkers join us!

  • smiddy


    Hi , and welcome from another Ozzie down under , fantastic that you got your kids out too.

    Good luck with your spouse , I hope you have success there also.


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    To all you Ozzies, do not forget:

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    But I really love you apostates down-under, you have some great people in Australia like Angus Stewart.

    Wish you all well.

    Driving Force

  • punkofnice

    Hey heyyyyyyyy. Is it happening? I haven't read all the comments......but.....

    Welcome to el forumo.

    Take your time. Use family worship night to do householder role plays and pose impossible questions, perhaps?

    What woke you up?

  • Bonsai
    Nice to meet you. Congrats on your success with the family.
  • Tornintwo

    Hi pioneerbot and welcome! Well done getting you and your kids out! Would love to hear what woke you up? I'm recently awakened, one of my kids left a year before me and the witnesses' bad treatment of him started my doubts. My other older child has just left too. I'm relieved because they have their whole lives ahead of them to live free of the control of the organization, whereas we are just picking up the pieces of our lives. Good luck with your husband, mine is fully indoctrinated and I don't think a mass resignation by the GB could even wake him up! I agree this forum is great, a place to rant and laugh and debate and support eachother, with people who actually get what your going through X

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Welcome and good job waking your kids up!
  • MaxTan

    Hello pioneerbot, I'm happy for you that you have woken up! You are also very brave to present your findings to your husband.

    So are you still a pioneer?

    I am also mentally out - physically "in". I was a pioneer for over 10 years, I quit few months ago, my wife is still a pioneer but sometimes she has "lucid" days when she realizes it's all a scam - then she goes back to WT and is more pious as ever. But I'm working on it. I think it's the social aspect that keeps her in.

    Good luck for you!

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