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  • Exjwme

    Hi everyone,

    you can all call me Jess, I guess you can say I'm a "refugee" from JWR. I'm going to try and keep this short for now, I'm in my early 20s, I was born in but never baptized, I've been mentally out for 7 years and fully out for about 5ish. Despite never having been baptized my fading took quite a bit of time and work. I suffered many hardships under my crazy and I do mean crazy JW mother including but not limited too many forms of abuse. I was diagnosed in my early teens with chronic depression and mild anxiety disorder. I now work with you adults who also are working on coping with mental disorders. Please feel free to ask me anything!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


  • dothemath

    Hello and welcome! I enjoyed reading posts at JWR occasionally but mostly drop in here.

    Always great to hear others experiences!

  • scary21

    Welcome, I'm sure you will love it here too.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Welcome to the board. If you have controlled your depression, what would you say was the catalyst for that change.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Welcome. Similar story with depression and anxiety in adolescence, and finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder in adulthood.

    The JWs were not the religion for me!

  • Angharad

    Welcome to the forum !

  • Exjwme

    Problemaddic: I hate to say that I relied on one person for my recovery but meeting my boyfriend was such a huge help for me. At the time I was struggling with depression, I was suicidal, I was leaving the WT and I was escaping my mother and I was in such a low place. But he really saw the best in me and he showed me that there was happy life outside of WT. once I was able to realize that, the world changed!

    I learned healthy coping mechanisms, which for me was the arts, and I learned to start confronting the brainwashing. It was all about realizing there was life outside the WT I think once I realized I could be happy it all changed!

  • jaydee

    Hi...nice to meet ya

    thanks for commenting.
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