Happy Pi Day

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  • prologos
    fisherman, there is even biblical evidence that the 30 cubit refers to the smaller ornament circle , situated below the bigger rim. verse 24 : --10 ornaments per cubit, in the 30 cubits.= 300 cast ornaments. below the (bigger) rim. It was the smaller ornament circle that was measured.
  • sir82
    Seems to be a "super pi day", as the day (in American mm/dd/yy style) can be expressed as 3.1416
  • Fisherman

    Now please inform this ignoramus ,about the impossible shape mathematically speaking .smiddy

    I wrongly concluded that you were referring to me, you should have . I figured wrong. I am sorry. fisherman

    But also, when I said : 'maybe below', I was not alluding to your stature, I was referring to the circumference below the brim as prologos explained.

  • Fisherman
    prologos, I am still savoring in my mind your post that defines faith by contrasting it with wishful thinking.
  • Heaven

    I love pi-e day! So here's a pi-e plate to help...

  • cofty
  • jaydee
  • chicken little
    chicken little

    And (3) I (1) said (4)

    O(1) loved(5)

    abandoned(9) by(2)

    beauty (6)

    adorn (5) new(3) robes(5)......

    my Piem.... Chicken little

  • ILoveTTATT2

    The "inner diameter" would have to be ~9.55 cubits so that the rope aound it would be 30 cubits. Kind of an odd measurement...

    This blog explains why the apologist explanations are wrong:


  • Fisherman

    This blog explains why the apologist explanations are wrong:

    I suppose that proves that the Bible is wrong?

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