Pioneers, Prayers and Pills

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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Stuck in the middle37 You're so welcome! I'm glad it resonated with you. Really appreciate your input :).

  • MightyV8
    For example, "I'm feeling very stressed from work," instead of "I can't keep up with my theocratic obligations." Or, "I'm just depressed," rather than "I'm furious with the way the brothers handled that." Or, "this movie is completely unacceptable - turn it off!" instead of, "I really want to see what happens in the end."

    Hey, that sounded like me when I was in, a self-righteous prick.


    Feeling social anxiety over being regular in field service? Take a pill.
    Feeling stressed and anxious because pioneer life is hard? Take a pill.
    Juggling congregation duties, talks, meeting parts, judicial committees? Take a pill.


    The cong. I was in just about everyone was taking something.

    Never ask anyone "How are you?" They would rattle off their problems and what meds they were taking...boring.

    Great post Wake Me right on the money

  • James Jack
    James Jack


    Mozel Mack, haven't heard that name in awhile. He gave a talk a few years back in Centre AL to a packed house. People were trading out Talks of his recording on CD's. Many came from Birmingham and Atlanta USA, and I didn't realise how many "Fans" he had in certain parts of the South.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I'm Drinking now as I read this thread.

    And I just recalled how I was "Counseled" 3 weeks ago by 2 Elders about a "Negative" comment I made to a group of "Friends" at the Kingdom Hall. One person made a comment to me at the Meeting on how tired I looked (I'm 60 years old). I told the group, "I never planned for Retirement, so I am working more hours now, than I have ever worked in my entire life, just to try to get 1/3 of a "Retirement Benefit" when I hit 65".

    It was in 2010, when they announced the "Overlapping Generations", I was dumbfounded, and realised that the Society had no clue about when "The End" was coming, thus I had to come up with a plan "B" for retirement, since I had none. I had to get a government job (and continue to run my small Business, that I have had for over 30 years, wasting time being a longtime Elder, Pioneer, etc., with no benefits), now, I had to work 2 years for the "Man" part-time, before they gave me a "Full Time" job with benefits!

    So much for the "Golden Years'.

  • stuckinarut2

    I love this thread that Wakeme has created! Brilliant. Thank you.

    I had a similar thought (although NOWHERE near as well put as WakeMe) some time back:

    It amazes me now that we are out, just how odd it sounds to hear JWs speak or "enduring" or "Coping" with life! Yet when we were in, it was just normal to hear this oppressive narrative!

  • LongHairGal


    Definition of a “negative comment” as far as I was concerned:..speaking the truth about everyday realities to JWs. I suppose your comment was taken to cause “anxiety” to asleep individuals in the hall. Too bad about them.

    When I was in, the only people I could talk to were the few people who worked like I did.. Everybody else was in delusional fantasy land OR they were older people who came into the religion after they earned their living and had a comfortable retirement. They forgot that the rest of us have to eat too.

    I am very glad I ignored the Witnesses and resisted their labeling and shunning. I’m glad you are working hard to get some retirement benefits. Keep your business to yourself (it seems you still attend meetings). These people are not going to pay your bills, so don’t EVER feel guilty about providing for yourself..You would be up shit’s creek without a paddle if you didn’t.

    I wish you endurance and good health!

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    "Keep your business to yourself (it seems you still attend meetings)."

    Yeah, I still attend meetings for the same reasons many on this Forum do. I am my own Man. And I tell those that listen, "I am not the same person you knew 8 years ago. I'm not taking any chances of retiring without being able to take care of myself and my wife. I remember a time when those who were working fulltime, having children and missed some meetings because of putting their families first, they were considered Spiritually weak. Now, these same people that had planned for retirement, they are in Appointed Positions and I am now considered weak for pursuing the things they had planned for".

  • truthseeker

    I loved your post Wake Me Up. Very insightful and spot on.

    Staying in a perpetual state of urgency, which is what Watchtower encourages, is extremely unhealthy and over the long term, unproductive.

    It kills the human spirit as far as self development and spirituality goes.

    JWs are encouraged to postpone their interest and hobbies until the New System. In the meantime they are on a hamster wheel of Kingdom activities.


  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Truthseeker Your latest post on Street Work With the Sisters ( has me in "a perpetual state of urgency".


  • truthseeker

    @Wake Me Up,

    Did you read my last post on that topic? I added an update.

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