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  • steve2

    The leading metropolitan newspaper in New Zealand, the Dominion-Post, yesterday front-paged confirmation that JWs target grieving persons by trawling through obituaries for names of relatives and - unbelievably - even visiting cemeteries to approach persons tending graves (the article cites a recent Watchtower that presented the experience of a sister who did just that).

    An ex-JW elder and his wife (both unknown to me) were featured in the article after approaching the newspaper in response to a local elder's denial last week that Witnesses deliberately obtain relatives' names from obituaries.

    This is the third featured article in just over one week - and, to date, the most prominent.

    Of interest a "senior" elder from the Sydney, Australia Bethel (which now has oversight over JWs in New Zealand) is quoted as not denying it happens - but tried to put a less damning spin on it by stating it was something that was up to individual Witnesses and is not expected.

  • freemamaof3

    Here where I live the pioneers used to go out and troll the cemeteries and preach to people on memorial day... i never did that. i thought it was disrespectful and weird.

  • zeb

    pretty sad really that they would do that.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    in my old congregation there was this sister that did nothing but write letters to people who lost someone in death. she would get the area newspapers every day and get names and then addresses. She was very possessive about it. if she found out anyone else was doing it, she's go apeshit and complain to the service overseer and they'd have that other person stop. she was a grade A c**t for other reasons too lol

  • rebel8

    This was a thing in the wts home state.

    I think it was taught to us in pioneer school, and isn't it one of those books from the 90s that tell you how to get your time in? Not the Reasoning book, but something along those lines, IIRC.

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